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The Clog’s power ranking of classic horror film franchises

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OCTOBER 31, 2018

Halloween’s here, and we know you want to settle down with a spooky movie and candy you bought for yourself instead of for trick-or-treating children. The Clog is here to help you out! We’ve ranked what we believe are the best horror franchises that have become classics over the years. Whether you like slasher flicks or ghost movies, you’ll find them all right here!

“The Exorcist”

The “Exorcist” franchise has five movies, and frankly, they probably should have never done the second one, but here we are. The first movie is the cherry on top and also a good chunk of the cake. The third, fourth and fifth movies are decent, but they don’t even come close to touching the first one. It’s a problematic franchise because the sequels don’t match the original, but they’re worth a shot.


This four-movie franchise (technically a trilogy plus a reboot) has all the twists and turns you could possibly want. Just when you think the family has escaped the ghosts that have kidnapped their little girl through the TV, they’re back, back, back again. The last two movies in the trilogy are an interesting watch, but not as good as the first. The reboot has the right idea, but as it was made in more modern times with modern technology, it could have been a little bit better. The clown doll is as creepy as ever, though.


The plot for this 10-movie franchise can get really confusing, so bear with us. It involves a puzzle box and sadomasochistic monsters in a hell-like world who enjoy messing with humans who solve the puzzle and open the box. Gullible humans try to open the puzzle box and get sucked into the dimension of hell, hence the name “Hellraiser.” All 10 films make for great viewing.

“The Omen”

This franchise is just plain creepy. It’ll have you biting your nails and hating children by the time you finish the first of five movies. A diplomat and his wife adopt a child who turns out to be the Antichrist, so the two of them are left to try and stop him. But alas, as with most movies of this kind, they’re too late. We won’t tell you how it ends, but you’ll be shook.

“The Evil Dead”

If you want both comedy and gory horror in a four-movie franchise, this is it, chief. Ash, the main character, and his friends come across a recording of the “Necronomicon” and release evil spirits into their cabin. Ash eventually loses his arm in one of the films and replaces it with a chain saw. In another, he’s transported back into medieval times. The reboot is a more stereotypical supernatural horror movie. They’re all wild as fuck.


OK, the “Alien” franchise isn’t quite what one would call “Halloween” horror, but the movies are still scary! The sci-fi horror film series has six installments, two of which are supposed to be prequels. The crew members of a futuristic space-cargo ship are awakened from their cryogenic slumber to pick up a xenomorph, or alien, that wants to both impregnate them and kill them. On top of that, it’s all a military ploy to obtain the universe’s deadliest and most perfect weapon. There’s a near-unanimous verdict that the second film, “Aliens,” is the best of the lot, but don’t miss any of them.


Another slasher film series, “Halloween” is about a murderer who escapes from a sanitarium on Halloween and returns to his hometown to terrorize the residents. This 11-film franchise was one of the most successful slasher franchises ever and has inspired tons of similar films and series, such as “Friday the 13th.” There are lots of plot twists, which can sometimes be hard to keep up with, in this series, but these twists definitely keep you on the edge of your seat.

“The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”

We’ll spare you the gory details, but… there’s a lot of gore. The name itself evokes a lot of spooky vibes. There are eight movies in this lovely backwoods franchise, with the most recent one having come out in 2017. The films follow Leatherface and his family, who kidnap innocent travelers and butcher them. Leatherface then makes masks out of their skin. Yes, most of the special effects are quite realistic (i.e. the masks).

“Friday the 13th”

The “Friday the 13th” franchise is as iconic as it gets. Jason Voorhees has basically been a household name since the first film of 12 was released in 1980. This slasher film series covers Jason, a boy who drowned at Camp Crystal Lake but is really alive and carries out mass murders at the site of the camp. Each movie in the franchise picks up where the previous one left off, which makes for a satisfying continuity. Of course, there are more than a few twists along the way, right from the very first film.

“A Nightmare on Elm Street”

This is the best damn horror movie franchise ever. With nine films in the series, it might seem as if Freddy Krueger chasing adolescents in their dreams would get old after the first two movies. Nope — the plot stays solid throughout all nine films. The first, third and seventh are the best, but each one has its own perks. Let’s just say that Wes Craven is a god, and no matter which movie you choose, you’re in for a good spook.

The Clog’s list of the best classic horror movies is tried and true, but someone will always try to convince you otherwise. Don’t believe them — believe the Clog. Watch the movies for yourself, and prepare for a thoroughly spooky time!

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OCTOBER 31, 2018