The Clog’s favorite quinoa fried rice recipe

Midterms got your brain fried? Don’t worry, the Clog has got your back! We’ve got the perfect quick and healthy comfort recipe for you to make. We suggest you make extra of this tasty dish if you’re into the business of meal prepping. That way, you can save yourself some worry throughout the week while enjoying delicious, nutritious meals!


1 cup quinoa

3/4 cup veggies (peas, diced carrots, corn, spinach, onions, etc.)

1 tablespoon oil

2.5 cups soy sauce

1.5 cups teriyaki sauce (optional)

Salt to taste

2 cups chicken/veggie stock or water (for boiling the quinoa)

Protein (optional — chicken, tofu, beef, etc.)


Make your quinoa by putting it in a pot and boiling for approximately 10-15 minutes, depending on what your instructions specify. If you’re looking to take things to “flavor town,” you can boil your quinoa in chicken stock or veggie stock to add flavor to the finished product.

If your vegetables were frozen, thaw them before adding them to a pan with oil. Fry on medium heat for approximately 3-4 minutes, or until cooked.

Mix in your cooked quinoa, add soy sauce as needed and let fry for 5-7 minutes. Mix in teriyaki sauce (optional) for extra flavor. Be careful not to burn your food, and adjust the stove heat as necessary! Then, add a few pinches of salt to taste.

In a separate pan, add a bit of oil and cook your protein. When done, add this into the final product.

You’re done! Serve hot and enjoy. We wish you the best of luck on your midterms and hope this comfort food recipe is helpful! Remember to sleep well, eat healthily, and drink lots of water! You’ve got this.

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