Weird things you didn’t know you could buy at Daiso

Anissa Nishioka/File

Daiso is the promised land of the strangest things you could possibly have a legitimate use for. Its walls lined with tiny, collapsible chairs and back scratchers are right up there with all the other confusing items available for purchase. We at the Clog have tracked down the most curious items in this wonderland for your reading pleasure.

Steel soap

This smooth, stainless steel oval isn’t actually real soap. It’s intended for you to rub your hands on to get rid of stinky food smells such as garlic, onion and the sort. Naturally, it throws people off guard when it’s advertised as “soap” but doesn’t lather and turns out to be a metal object instead of oil.

Cocoon balls

We had to research what these were when we first saw them, too. They’re tiny, silk, cocoon-shaped covers that you put on your fingers and use to clean your face. And they’re made by real silkworms. They apparently remove blackheads really well, so if that’s something that’s been on your to-do list for a while, we suggest investing in a pack of these.

Horse oil hand cream

Yes, this is animal-based. Yes, it’s made from real horse fat. It’s for people who “always wash their hands” and need a nice, deep moisturizing cream to revive their brittle fingers. But this is considered normal in most parts of East Asia. Whether you decide to try it or not, we won’t judge.

Light-up ear picks

Because you need to be able to see in your ears when cleaning them out, right? They look pretty creepy — like something an alien would use to look into your ear, not something you would voluntarily stick in there. On top of that, you’d have to look into a mirror or your phone camera at a weird angle in order to actually see into your ear and truly make use of the light on this device.

Egg timer

This item is actually really cute and changes colors based on how cooked the egg is. You plop it in boiling water with your eggs as they cook and check on it to see if your egg is ready to serve to your preference (hard-boiled, medium-boiled or soft-boiled). Bonus points for it having an adorable chicken on it.

Hamburger maker

This is a silicone hamburger mold that you pack full of whatever you want your hamburger to be made of and then flip onto a pan to cook. Daiso uses rice in its demo image, as Daiso does. It’s the perfect tool for a hamburger perfectionist.

Women’s disposable underwear

Why this item is necessary, we don’t really know, but its function seems pretty self-explanatory.

Shoe covers

They’re like pool tarps or car covers, but for your shoes. These are a good fix for people who are too lazy to take off their shoes at home. You can just take off your shoes, but most of us are far too busy or far too tired to do so.

Next time you walk into Daiso, let yourself get lost among the shelves, stationery and strange beauty or health contraptions. You may just happen to find your new favorite weird knickknack!

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