Can’t spell Berkeley without ‘L’: Biggest L’s we’ve taken this semester

Vivian Roan/File

We’re not even halfway through the school year, but we’ve already taken so many L’s from left to right. It just doesn’t stop. From being demoted to the No. 2 public university in the world to suffering a humongous loss to UCLA’s football team, how many more L’s can we take? The Clog has compiled a short list of some of the biggest L’s UC Berkeley and the surrounding area have taken this year. Sad reacts only.

No. 2 best public university in the world

This is by far the biggest L UC Berkeley has taken this year. UCLA might have had a better campus, more luxurious dorms and five-star dining halls, but at least we were an overall better school. But U.S. News stripped our pride when they came out with the 2019 ranking of the best public universities in the world with UC Berkeley right behind UCLA. We’re still crying from this loss.

The murder of our beloved KiwiBots  

As many of you have witnessed, our beloved KiwiBots are being destroyed. Kicked off the curb, run over by cars, thrown in bushes and stomped all over by outsiders, innocent KiwiBots are constantly getting their lives taken. KiwiBots are the only things we have against UCLA. #BringJusticeToOurKiwiBots

Flex dollars

This is mainly an L for the freshmen and the upperclassmen who decide to purchase a meal plan. UC Berkeley’s meal plan system was quite different from the rest of the UCs until this year. We were given a set number of meal points and the privilege to spend them wherever and whenever we wanted. If you didn’t feel like eating at the dining halls, it was totally fine! But now UC Berkeley has decided to follow the footsteps of our fellow UCs and only allow students a certain number of swipes per week and a limited amount of dollars to use at the markets on campus.  

Goodbye, Tea Press  

A ton of our favorite old-timer restaurants have or are in the process of closing down this year. Gordo has been replaced with a new Mexican restaurant, and Indian Flavors Express, Julie’s Cafe and Tea Press are closed or will be closing because of the new construction of student housing. Where will we eat now?

Nixle reports

When you think you received an important email, but it’s actually just a Nixle report — definitely a “just Berkeley things” moment. This is an L Berkeley constantly takes every year. There’s just no way to get around it.  

The big win for UCLA

When I said that we’re getting hit with L’s from left to right, I wasn’t joking. After UCLA took our pride of being the No. 1 public university in the world, it obliterated us in football, 37-7. We didn’t even reach double digits! What happened to our football team? But also, what’s new?

This is just a short list of the L’s we’ve taken this year — there’s plenty of time for more to come! Go Bears!

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