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Quiz: Which Berkeley bar are you?

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NOVEMBER 02, 2018

One of the biggest challenges of being a UC Berkeley student is finding the balance between “work hard” and “play hard.” Thankfully, Berkeley has several bars that offer cheap drinks and good vibes, perfect for students to socialize and unwind. Take our quiz to find out which bar in Berkeley best represents you.


  1. Who do you listen to when you’re trying to get hyped up?
    1. Usher
    2. The Killers
    3. Anything EDM
    4. Dua Lipa
  2. Pick a drink.
    1. Anything strong
    2. Margaritas
    3. Something with whiskey
    4. Cheap beer
  3. What are you wearing right now? (Pick your favorite if more than one)
    1. Skinny jeans
    2. Trendy boots
    3. Cal gear
    4. Something with Greek letters on it
  4. What’s your favorite day to go out drinking?
    1. Friday
    2. Tuesday
    3. Saturday
    4. Thursday
  5. What’s your ideal drunk snack?
    1. Wings
    2. Tacos
    3. Burgers and/or fries
    4. Chicken nuggets
  6. How do you pregame before you go out?
    1. Shots in a friend’s apartment
    2. No pregame, not trying to be sloppy
    3. Pregame at a different a bar
    4. Beer die with the bros
  7. Which description best matches your drunk alter ego?
    1. Overly friendly, dancing with (and on) everyone
    2. Trying to have intelligent conversations after two glasses of wine
    3. Belligerently yelling at random passers-by
    4. Acting friendly toward people you secretly hate
  8. Which of the following sentences are you most likely to say when you’re drunk?
    1. “No, REALLY, I’m not even that drunk!”
    2. “Sorry guys, I know it’s only midnight but I’m going home.”
    3. “Go Bears!”
    1. Kip’s — You’re a party animal! You probably love to dress up to go out, and even though you’ll end up throwing up in the bathroom, you’ll never admit that finishing a fishbowl on your own was a mistake.
    2. Raleigh’s — You’re probably a tasteful drinker. You like to go out for the good drinks and good company, and you probably have an aesthetic Instagram of pictures from your classy nights out.
    3. Pappy’s — Whether you’re screaming at Cal football taking Ls or fist-pumping away in the LUX nightclub, you’re a high-energy drunk that loves to be a part of a rowdy crowd.
    4. Triple Rock — You’re a social butterfly, and you like to go out with big crowds of people you know. And you’re also probably a frugal drinker — nothing like getting drunk off a $10 Monkey Head!



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NOVEMBER 02, 2018