Vote Igor Tregub for District 1

For years, District 1 has been the site of an acute homelessness crisis and poor infrastructure. In four days, Berkeley voters will have the opportunity to elect a new voice to City Council to address these pressing issues. And the candidate best suited for the job is Igor Tregub.

Few people have held as many public offices in Berkeley as Tregub. He’s served on the Rent Stabilization Board, the Housing Advisory Commission and the Zoning Adjustments Board, to name a few. He played a crucial role in strengthening the Affordable Housing Mitigation Fee Ordinance, which incentivized housing developers to expand affordable housing in the city. These experiences have made him an expert on the city’s dire housing situation — an expert District 1 desperately needs.

His three opponents — Margo Schueler, Mary Behm-Steinberg and Rashi Kesarwani — lack the combination of experience and actionable plans that he has.

Schueler is deeply knowledgeable about infrastructure problems in District 1. But when The Daily Californian’s editorial board asked Schueler about specific plans to address homelessness, she said she had none, despite identifying it as one of the district’s biggest challenges. And while Behm-Steinberg has admirable goals to address accessibility, she lacks the experience and actionable solutions required to make her goals a reality.

As a finance manager for the San Francisco Human Services Agency, Kesarwani has an incredibly strong financial background — one which, admittedly, Berkeley City Council could use. But while Kesarwani is a strong candidate — and deserving of your No. 2 vote — most of her key experience is from her time working in the Legislative Analyst’s Office in Sacramento. Tregub’s experience, on the other hand, is all from and geared toward uplifting the Berkeley community. His track record shows that he is the candidate who will put Berkeley’s needs first.

From Tregub’s interview with the Daily Cal’s editorial board, his vast knowledge of the city was abundantly clear. He recalled specific conversations with vehicular residents at the Berkeley Marina and cited concrete statistics about Berkeley’s housing crisis to back up his proposals. Tregub also said in his interview that he believes city Measures O and P offer comprehensive and necessary solutions to the city’s housing crisis — a perspective the Daily Cal’s editorial board wholly endorses. And Tregub hopes to replace some of the district’s aging infrastructure with new, more efficient technology, such as permeable pavements.

In this divided race, Tregub is the only candidate truly capable of representing the needs of West Berkeley.

Vote Igor Tregub for District 1.

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