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Vote Kate Harrison for District 4

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NOVEMBER 02, 2018

District 4 needs a progressive leader who is willing to prioritize the needs and values of their constituents. It needs a leader who will stand by the promises they make. After a year in office, incumbent Kate Harrison has proven herself to be one such candidate.

Since her election in 2017, Harrison has repeatedly demonstrated her expertise, persistence and passion. While she has certainly made mistakes along the way, Harrison has pushed Berkeley City Council toward progressive decisions on some of the city’s biggest issues, including affordable housing and public safety.

Harrison faces off against candidates Greg Magofña and Ben Gould. But in his interview with The Daily Californian’s editorial board, it was clear that Gould has few tangible platforms and even less relevant experience. And though Magofña has served on the city’s Community Environmental Advisory Commission and Housing Advisory Commission, he must develop more actionable proposals to address housing and climate issues in Berkeley, both of which are essential to his platform.

The Daily Cal’s editorial board doesn’t agree with all of the decisions Harrison has made as a council member — but neither does she. Harrison acknowledged in an interview with the editorial board her error in abstaining from supporting state Sen. Nancy Skinner’s SB 1227, which is dedicated to creating affordable student housing units. Harrison also mentioned that she is now sponsoring the More Student Housing Now Resolution, which the Daily Cal’s editorial board found promising.

As a council member, Harrison assisted in the institutionalization of the Pathways Project, which aims to expedite the process by which homeless individuals obtain stable housing. Harrison stated in her interview that if elected to a second term, she hopes to make vacant units in the city available to the homeless community. This is an admirable goal, and Harrison’s track record makes it clear that she will commit to the challenge.

Harrison has repeatedly pushed for police accountability and the demilitarization of the police. But Harrison has also proposed retention bonuses for BPD officers to combat decreasing retention rates, balancing the values of her constituents with the needs of the city’s police force. Even though Harrison has faced unfair and unwarranted backlash about her push for police accountability, she has never wavered. There’s no denying it: BPD requires concrete oversight. And Harrison is the only District 4 candidate who has remained firm in seeing this through.

What District 4 needs is a candidate with experience and conviction. Kate Harrison has a strong understanding of the position — and developed ideas for how to continue to make progress on the problems in her district.

Vote Kate Harrison for District 4.

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NOVEMBER 02, 2018