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What the Berkeley street you live on says about you

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NOVEMBER 02, 2018

The city of Berkeley has many streets and avenues for college students to inhabit during their years here at UC Berkeley. Not only are these housing streets infamous for their ridiculously high rent, but they also have a little reputation of their own. Which street do you live on, and what does it say about who you are as a person?

Dwight Way

You are, in fact, braver than the U.S. Marines. You like to live life on the edge and get a thrill of walking down Dwight Way in the wee hours of the night. You see ambulances, firetrucks and police cars 24/7 and actually know some of the names of the officers, firemen and EMTs. Living on Dwight Way isn’t exactly glamorous, but it’s definitely convenient — which is kind of how you would describe your life.

Piedmont Avenue

Beers, bongs and bumpin’ The Chainsmokers. If you live on Piedmont Avenue, you’re most likely in Greek life or were unfortunate enough to find housing next to a fraternity or sorority. Living on Piedmont Avenue means you can be two types of people: You could be the life of the party or you’re a total buzzkill for anonymously calling the cops about a noise complaint. But there’s no doubt that you probably keep your window open on the weekends to hear the hot gossip about how Brad didn’t even talk to Sarah all night.

College Avenue

College Avenue students are most likely cute, fun and all about the aesthetic. As one of the most well-known avenues Berkeley has to offer, you’re most likely a friendly face to everyone. The closer you live to Elmwood, the more your aesthetic grows, and you become more powerful as a human being. You were one of the chosen ones as College Avenue is a hot spot for all the college kids to live on. You’re close enough to campus but far enough to not have to feel the black hole that is UC Berkeley, so you actually have the effort to produce some serotonin.

University Avenue

You’re College Avenue try-hards. Yeah, everyone knows University Avenue, but College Avenue is definitely the prime spot for the best of the best. You’re close to campus, but unless you’re STEM, odds are you have to trudge to Dwin-hell or Evans. But what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. You might be a little tougher than College Avenue inhabitants, but you also have to walk at least 20 minutes or take the bus to get to a party.

Euclid Avenue

You’re all about student-run newspapers. You live and breathe for journalism, and no one can take that away from you. With The Daily Californian just around the corner from the end of your street, you’re the type to get a copy and sit in Brewed Awakening, keeping up with the news around Berkeley while sippin’ on a nice latte. You’re the greatest and most woke person there is.

Blake Street

Apartment life just wasn’t for you. You’re a homebody and wanted to live in an actual house. You value having space but love being around everyone. You’re what makes a house a home. People tend to think you’re the “mom” or “dad” of the group, and you like to keep everyone around you happy and having a good time. Also, you like to have big house parties where you can actually have a place to move around and dance.

Telegraph Avenue

You have an exciting life. You’re a mixture of Piedmont Avenue and Dwight Way students. You get the rush of walking home at night but get the fun lights of the surrounding restaurants and shops to act as a safety blanket for you. You always make sure to get a good “hell yeah” in when walking past the Hell Yeah guy. Most of your meals consist of boba and takeout food. Your wallet is crying, but your stomach is content.

Durant Avenue

You spend too much money on Taco Bell. That is all.

Living in Berkeley is painful, but it’s also what makes UC Berkeley students the most powerful humans to ever exist.

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NOVEMBER 02, 2018