‘Bill Nye Tho’ tweets that perfectly describe UC Berkeley students

We all know and love the iconic science educator Bill Nye the Science Guy. His zany experiments and scientific tutelage are burned in our memories forever. But few may know of a parody Twitter account, @Bill_Nye_Tho, that takes science to a whole new level. From slamming Sea World to encouraging people to stay hydrated, many of Bill Nye Tho’s tweets resonate deeply with us. Here are some of Bill Nye Tho’s best tweets that many UC Berkeley students may find #relatable.

UC Berkeley students in bed

When there are puppies on Sproul

CALPIRG trying to get you to sign a petition

Freshmen STEM majors

4/20 on the Glade

After you hit the blunt

Having our priorities in order

During election season

Sorority girls on Game Day

After you hike the Big C

When the sunset is Snapchat-worthy

Every EECS student

Our ideal Drake song

Post-midterm feels

@ Everyone in Moffitt

Go Bears!

Bill Nye Tho — giving us the inspiration we need to make it through the day.

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