Places on campus to hide from the fact that finals are approaching

Lianne Frick/File

With just three weeks of actual instruction left this semester, the clock is ticking closer to finals. So, to deal with the dread, here are some places on campus where you can temporarily tuck away in order to avoid all of your problems.

Upstairs in the math and stats library

Here, you can find seats with great views of shelves and students either engrossed in calculus or watching anime. If you prefer to sit among the books, there are a few spots along the walls where you can set up your own little corner. Let your problems diffuse with the other endless math problems you’re surrounded by. This is the place for you if you’re looking for total silence and solitude.

The benches near Strawberry Creek

If you want to go mostly unnoticed and yet still be part of the noontime bustle from Wheeler to Sproul, this is your spot. You could either linger by the bike rack or, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, head over to the benches next to the water. Once you sit in the cool shade for a few minutes, you’ll find yourself transported to a place of immense tranquility and peace that isn’t the bathroom in your apartment when no one else is home. If you really want to forget about any upcoming commitments, consider role-playing as a woodland fairy and befriending any squirrel that approaches you.

V&A Cafe

If you aren’t in nuclear engineering or industrial engineering and operations research, you’ve probably never heard of this place. But if you want to escape the main part of campus and still be close to food, V&A Cafe will take care of you. This spot has the benefit of being near a variety of eateries on Euclid and the RareTea in Cory. The easy accessibility to electrical outlets makes it a prime location for any EECS or CS majors to take a break in. V&A Cafe also has outdoor seating if you prefer to avoid your problems while simultaneously getting your necessary dose of Vitamin D.

The tables outside César E. Chávez Student Center

If you’d prefer to not be part of the noontime hustle, you’ll love it here! The tables are on the corner of the top level of the student center. If a view of the occasional skater boy doesn’t bother you, consider setting up camp under one of these iconic blue umbrellas. The luxury of this hideout is that it’s right next to free tutoring services, so if you’re on the fence about ignoring due dates or diligently working toward a smooth finals week, you have an option to live the best of both worlds.

Confessions from UC Berkeley Facebook page

Let’s face it: Wherever there’s some sort of established internet connection, there will be some virtual place to hide. In this case, it’s the realm of anonymous posts. Said posts can range from thoroughly relatable to just plain cringeworthy. The nice thing is that the selection is wide enough that you can pick out a few to either tag yourself or a friend in. 

Obviously, there are many other places that can be considered prime real estate for a weary student, but that’s on you to discover. Although the semester is starting to come to a close, don’t let your worries take over the new bonds and valuable experiences you have made and will make in the next month, Bears.

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