Wiz Khalifa tweets that UC Berkeley students live by

Wikimedia/Creative Commons

Wiz Khalifa may not be the first person who comes to mind when thinking about UC Berkeley students — he’s a pot-smoking, bong-toting musician through and through. But then again, so are some UC Berkeley students. Here’s a compilation of some of the rapper’s best tweets that UC Berkeley students just can’t help but relate to.

So you and Becky are both plugged in at Moffitt, minding your own damn business, until it’s time to leave. Somehow, only one charger remains, and you both reach for it at the same time. You exchange looks. It’s obviously yours because you didn’t take the other one. Becky doesn’t seem to agree.

“Devil’s lettuce” is the golden ticket to making new friends — something that’s plagued us all at one point (take note, freshmen)! But in reality, thanks officer, we’ll pass on the broccoli emoji this time.

While we acknowledge the excellence of “BoJack Horseman,” UC Berkeley students hardly have time to watch it with friends. Many students will end up watching it alone in their pajamas at 4 a.m. because it’s that good, and they have absolutely no other time to do so. Also, we don’t have friends.

That’s the UC Berkeley spirit! At least, that’s what we think it is. 51 clubs, 27 volunteer jobs, 12 majors and three minors later, the only thing the average UC Berkeley student is good at is burning out.

We’re always by some technology. If you haven’t had this conversation with someone, you’re lying. He even got the exact lingo down. See, we told you Wiz Khalifa is in our heads.

If only our lives trudging across campus were as well-oiled as UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens and Overheard at UC Berkeley. Never mind, they’re all messy as fuck.

And those damn Berkeley goggles don’t help, either. Live like the standard Big Four or Silicon Valley poster children and make your motto “chase money, not drama.” Don’t questions us, just do it. Trust us — it’s for your own good.

We have to spend our Friday nights somehow, right? The Wiz knows what’s up. That’ll be all, have a nice day.

And by “G” we mean GPA, not ghost, though they’re both equally scary (he probably didn’t mean ghost anyway, but we’ll choose to ignore that). Except for the fact that one may or may not be real and one dictates whether you get into grad school or not.

UC Berkeley students can relate to almost anyone and anything — we’re just that diverse. Let the Wizdom guide you through however much time you have left here!

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