A breakup letter to warm weather: We had a good run, but it’s time to go

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Dear warm weather,

Our love has been a great one. Since the first day in March when you blessed us with your presence, you’ve brought many happy memories. From sunny picnics to toasty beach days, we’ll never forget the times we’ve shared together. Through the summer months, you were always there for us when we needed you. But now, it’s November.

And it’s time for all of us to move on. At least for now.

With the first signs of the holiday season approaching, we just can’t go on like this. We can’t keep pretending that it’s comfortable wearing our favorite holiday sweaters while it’s still 70 degrees outside. We can’t enjoy our winter drinks when it feels like the middle of July. And even though we’ll look back one day and say we miss you, we all know in our hearts that it’s time for a change. Don’t think of this as a betrayal — think of it as a much-needed break.

We know that in California, you’ll always be with us. Even after we’ve said our goodbyes, we know you’ll still linger, showing up every once in a while on a December afternoon to remind us that great loves never truly leave us. And that’s OK. Even though we know it might be wrong, even though we’re trying to move on and accept the new temperatures in our lives, we’ll probably backslide and spend a day embracing you, remembering the good times of summers past. But we can’t hold on forever — it’s time we all think about the future.

We know it’s hard to let go, especially when things (ahem, climate change) feel so out of your control. But please know we’ll be OK without you. We know it seems like we fall apart the second you’re gone, but really, we’ll find a way to make it through the heartbreak. And in the end, we’ll all come out stronger for it.

We know it’s unfair to ask you to wait around for us to satisfy our craving for colder weather and come back. But in a few months, we’ll be ready to continue our great love with you. When March rolls around again and we come knocking at your door, we’ll understand if you’ve moved on too. But please know that even though our craving for a change makes our relationship impossible right now, we’ll always come back to you for more.


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