Why daylight saving time’s end should be pushed to after finals

It’s been a few days of living after the end of daylight saving time now, Bears, and we’re sure you have some opinions about it. Besides, with the single hour of extra “sleep” we all had, there seems to be less to gain from this shift from daylight saving as finals approach. Here are some reasons why daylight saving time’s ending should be pushed back to after finals.

Because we can

Daylight saving is all relative, anyway. There’s little to no phenomenological explanation for the implementation of daylight saving time. What difference would it make if we delayed its end by a month? If enough people wanted to, we could get rid of it altogether. For people who directly transform solar energy to brain waves, shifting out of daylight saving just adds to the challenge of passing difficult classes.

Dealing with awkwardly coming out of your 5 p.m. and it being pitch-black before your last class

It’s a bit unsettling to come out of Wheeler Hall and see the moon when you’re so used to the pleasant orange streaks in the evening sky. Deciding what to do next is just as confusing. Do you go to Moffitt Library to study, or do you go home? Is it dinnertime? The sky tells you it’s night, but it isn’t really night until you’ve had dinner, and you usually don’t have dinner until 7 p.m.

Eating more than usual becomes OK

On that note, you suddenly have an urge to eat an early dinner, anyway, because you expect yourself to diligently work up an appetite in the library until your usual dinnertime. Over the next few days of this routine, your favorite pants stop fitting. You can’t help but notice that the shorter day is causing you to tap into your inner campus squirrel. After finals, consciously overeating isn’t as much of an issue, since for most of us there isn’t anyone back home to impress.

Everyone shifts their studying to the night and skips class during the day to sleep

Now that we have fewer hours of daylight, we can’t help but study for classes under the blanket of night. As a result, students begin to get accustomed to the comfort and silence of the darkness, and studying gets put off to much later. Sleep has to go somewhere, though. So, it ends up being pushed off until the day, when students are supposed to be going to lecture. Once again, the end of daylight saving makes it harder to get through these weeks of instruction. During winter break, schedules are mostly meaningless, so what better time to end daylight saving?

Nighttime FOMO

Now that there are more hours of night to hide under, there is a bigger excuse to both host a party as well as go to them. For those of you who tend to shy away from such gatherings, this equates to more FOMO and more late nights with roommate vomit in the toilet. If you are really feeling that party itch, though, consider hosting a homework party. In this way, the late-night blues won’t feel as lonely. After finals, everyone just wants to live in their rooms for a month, so you won’t have to worry about missing out on too much.

There you go — a few reasons why the end of daylight saving time would be better if it was saved for after finals.

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