Relatable pet peeves of UC Berkeley students

Priyanka Karthikeyan/File

There’s more than school that irks students about living in Berkeley. Sometimes it’s the buses, and sometimes it’s the two frat guys having a “bro” conversation next to you on your way to class. Either way, the Clog knows exactly what may displease you — some things more than others.

Getting flyered

This is about as popular of a peeve as it gets. Imagine walking through the war zone of Sproul, head down, earbuds in, phone out, avoiding all possible human contact. Suddenly, you’re stopped. Someone stands in front of you and lets you bump into them. They wave their hands in front of you with a smile plastered on their face until you come to a complete halt. Sometimes you can just take the flyer and walk away, disposing of it later. Other times, flyerers will actually want to talk to you. They want to make you engage in awkward social interaction. No thanks, Tom Hanks.

People walking excruciatingly slow on Bancroft

Sometimes they’re students, and sometimes they’re not. Bancroft is rife with people chatting on their cellphones, people listening to music with their eyes glued to their phone screens and people who are spacing out as they walk. Then there are the groups of friends who all want to be next to one another and of course, those walking in the opposite direction as you. Regardless, they’re preventing you from getting where you need to go and from walking at the speed you need to get there on time.

KiwiBots giving you the side-eye

Why did the student walking in front of you get the heart eyes, huh? But when you walk by, you get the two eyes glancing to the side, mocking you. We thought all Kiwis were supposed to be full of love and food, but apparently not all of them. Just one “meh” glance from a Kiwi can ruin your whole day. We can’t hate them, so at this point, all we can do is be sad.

Golden Bear café not serving breakfast burritos after 11 a.m.

You need your morning fuel, and we can’t argue with that. You sprinted all the way to GBC and walk in at 10:59 a.m., just to be denied your burrito. Who the hell does GBC think it is to tell you that you can’t have a breakfast burrito after 11? Why can’t you get your burrito, even though it’s technically still not 11 yet? We don’t know, but we demand answers. Rant over.

When you’re holding boba, and people still bump into you

They obviously see you walking with precious cargo in tow. Yet, these heathens still have the audacity to bump your boba-holding hand as they walk by you. Some don’t even utter a “sorry” for nearly knocking your baby out of your hand. More times than you’d like, the tea escapes the plastic lid cover and spills onto your hand, making it sticky. Sometimes, the entire drink falls onto the floor, making it a murder scene.

When you hear someone texting in the bathroom stall at Café 3 when you really have to pee

PSA: Bathrooms probably weren’t intended for you be on your phone while in them. You’ve just chugged four glasses of Tropicana lemonade, and you have to let that baby loose. Upon walking into the bathroom, you see that both the stalls are locked — in one, someone’s taking care of their business, but in the other, all you hear are tapping noises. It’s painfully obvious that someone’s on their phone in there. You don’t know if they’re dropping a deuce or not, but it sure as hell doesn’t sound like it.

Whether your pet peeves are Berkeley-related or UC Berkeley-related, just know that you aren’t alone in your thoughts and opinions! No matter how weird they may be, a fellow Berkeley resident out there shares that same sentiment.

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