The Clog’s healthy, refreshing açaí bowl recipe

Pariswi Tewari/Staff

Looking for a healthy, delicious recipe to make at home? Look no further! We at the Clog have the perfect açaí bowl recipe for you to feel your best and satisfy your taste buds at the same time.



1 1/2 cups frozen fruit. Our go-to is the triple berry blend from Costco or Trader Joe’s.

1 frozen açaí packet. The Sambazon frozen açaí packets are a fan favorite!

1/2 cup fresh fruit such as bananas, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, etc.

3/4 cup liquid base. Most açaí bowl places use apple or orange juice, but you can also experiment with milk and dairy-free alternatives or good old water.

Health boosters such as chia seeds, flaxseed powder, hemp seeds, almonds, spirulina powder, cocoa powder, etc.

NutriBullet or blender


Put your frozen fruit, fresh fruit, health boosts and liquid base into a blender, and blend to create the base for your bowl. The liquid base should make up half the amount of fruit in the blender or a little bit less. Blending the frozen fruit properly is important for getting that thick, ice cream-like texture that açaí bowls are known for!


Empty your açaí bowl base into a bowl.

Top with goodies! We love to add toppings such as granola, fresh fruit, peanut butter, almonds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, coconut flakes, honey or chocolate chips.

You can have as many or as few goodies as you want, depending on your taste preferences. This part is totally up to you! If you run out of something, have fun with improvising. Surprisingly, Cheerios seem to work if you’re pressed for granola.

Enjoy! This is a great treat for yourself after a long day of school and work. You can nourish your body and enjoy a delicious meal at the same time!

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