1st wellness and health vending machine placed at Recreational Sports Facility

Karen Chow/Senior Staff

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The ASUC and the Tang Center partnered to open the first wellness vending machine in the Recreational Sports Facility, or RSF, to improve access and affordability of health care products for students.

The launch event for the machine was hosted by the Sexual Health Education Program on Tuesday. According to University Health Services, or UHS, spokesperson Tami Cate, the wellness vending machine sells cold care, first-aid and sexual health products at discounted prices.

The wellness vending machine originated from two 2018 project proposals using the wellness fund from two ASUC Senate offices, Cate said. She added that in spring 2018 a survey was conducted to decide what products to put in the machine, where the results coincided with the products students most commonly used at the UHS pharmacy.

“The most exciting item is the Plan B, which is normally around $50 but here is $21.25,” said Phoebe Chung, campus student and RSF building supervisor.

According to Devin Wicks, associate director of Wellness and Fitness at the RSF, the machine has been at the RSF for about a month and was placed in a secure area behind the turnstiles in the back of the gym near the basketball courts.

Wicks said the location for the machine was chosen because the RSF is one the most student-visited buildings and has secure areas such as the location of the machine. The RSF is also an allied health and wellness provider to the Tang Center.

The machine is stocked by the UHS pharmacy and is a pilot project, Cate said. She added that there are already discussions on whether to add another machine inside the ASUC Student Union Building.

“We want to remove as many barriers as possible for students in buying these products,” Wicks said.

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