Editors’ Note: Big Game 2018

It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year! No, we aren’t talking about Thanksgiving. We’re talking about Big Game weekend! We at the Clog have rounded up the best drinks, burns and memes to prove just how much better Cal is than that school across the Bay.

We can’t promise that we’ll be able to answer all of your burning questions. We don’t know why Stanford University’s unofficial mascot is a glorified stick and why its team name is in reference to a color; we’re not sure why Stanford students are so secretive of their burning desire to attend UC Berkeley, and we don’t know why Stanford is in denial of how it’s inferior to UC Berkeley. But we can offer you the best Big Game packaged content on this side of the Mississippi, so read on and roll on you Bears!

Peace, love, Clog.

22 things we would rather do than go to $tanfurd University


Cheers to the freakin’ weekend! Cal-themed mocktails for the Big Game

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What the time you wake up at on game day says about you


The Clog’s Stanford student starter pack


Clog Report: Campus to cut down all trees in Berkeley for Big Game


How to avoid all the Big Game festivities this year


#JustStanfurdThings: When you wish you could be as cool as Cal


Weird flex but O(s)K(i)


Quiz: How much school spirit do you have for the Big Game?


Uses for your red solo cup other than alcohol for the Big Game


What the outfit you wear for the Big Game says about you


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