How to avoid all the Big Game festivities this year

Big Game is an event that leaves its mark all over campus. However, you might not be so enthusiastic about a football game between us and our rivals. Perhaps you want to avoid anything to do with Big Game festivities. Here are some do’s and don’ts for if you truly want nothing to do with Big Game this weekend.

Steer clear of Sproul

With Rally Comm out in full force on Sproul Plaza, you should probably avoid walking through there at all costs. Consider alternate paths that let you give the whole area a wide berth or clearance. Walking too close to the popular walkway might result in someone in a striped shirt trying to get you all spirited. This is also a great tactic if you’re looking to avoid the whole shebang of the band. 

How to handle the band

Another group out in full force trying to get people into the Big Game festivities is Cal Band. If you hear the sound of brass instruments, run away. If you’re not careful you might just stay and listen and get enthusiastic about the upcoming game.


Last year the Campanile had a different, spirited projection on it every night. It stood as a reminder that something special was happening. This ritual continues as the Campanile has continued to show its love for Cal. This means you shouldn’t look up at the Campanile at night if you want to avoid any reminders about the Big Game.

The stadium is a no-fly zone Saturday

If you really just want to avoid the crowds and rowdy college students then don’t go anywhere near the stadium. No time is safe, as the partying will start as soon as the sun begins to rise. So just keep far away, as even the farthest point on campus may be too close.

This story

If you truly wanted to avoid anything about the Big Game, then we at the Clog apologize. This very article has probably exposed you to more information about the football game and its festivities then you ever wanted to know.

It’s totally okay to not want to participate in all of the festivities. You’re allowed to avoid as much of the Big Game as you want; it doesn’t make you any less of a UC Berkeley student. So long as you can agree that UC Berkeley is better than Stanford will ever be. 

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