#JustStanfurdThings: When you wish you could be as cool as Cal

It’s Big Game Week, which gives us a perfect excuse to make fun of Stanford. What better way to poke fun at our rivals than dig up the old meme, #justgirlythings? While Stanford students argue that they attend a better university, we here at UC Berkeley know that just isn’t true. How could a school so easy to make fun of be that good?

A tower named after Herbert Hoover was doomed to fail from the beginning. 


Stanford students are too busy getting everything handed to them to have a quality sense of humor that results from intense stress. 


While it’s good they got woke, they could’ve picked a better mascot. 


We literally have six, while you guys have none. Next! 


#BlackLivesMatter is an important movement that deserves to be more than reduced to just a hashtag with no thought behind it. Why not put some real effort in and write a real essay about the issue, instead of exploiting the hashtag for what’s at the surface level?  


Your GPAs may look nicer than ours, but who’re the ones actually learning something? 


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