Quiz: How much school spirit do you have for the Big Game?

We’re nearing one of the biggest events of the semester — Big Game. It’s time for exciting rallies, crazy tailgate events and replaying “The Play” for the 10th time. No matter what happens this weekend, we will always have that iconic moment. In honor of the highly anticipated football face-off between UC Berkeley and Stanford, we’ve crafted a quiz to guess how much school spirit you have. So, do you bleed blue and gold or are you a bit of a tree-hugger?

  1. How many home football games have you been to this semester?
    1. None
    2. 1-2
    3. 3-4
    4. All of them!!
  2. How many pieces of Cal gear do you own?
    1. 1-3
    2. 3-6
    3. 6-10
    4. 10+
  3.  If you could get a Cal-inspired tattoo, what would it be?
    1. It doesn’t matter because this will never happen.
    2. A single tear
    3. The Campanile bells
    4. Oski, obviously
  4. What’s your favorite thing about UC Berkeley?
    1. The Glade
    2. The classes
    3. The parties
    4. Literally everything
  5. What are you most likely to be caught doing in class?
    1. Ditching
    2. Sleeping
    3. Failing to pay attention because of the dude sitting next to you
    4. Taking notes
  6. If someone shouts out “Go Bears!” what would you do?
    1. Nothing
    2. Smile/chuckle
    3. High-five them or say a little “Woo!” in encouragement
    4. Scream “Go Bears” back, of course!
  7. How many Cal-inspired decor pieces are in your room right now?
    1. 1-3
    2. 4-6
    3. 7-10
    4. My room is painted blue and gold
    1. Tree-hugger alert!! Just kidding, we won’t tell. School spirit is not really your thing, but we know you’re a Golden Bear at heart.
    2. 50 percent: Getting there! You’ve got a decent amount of school spirit, but life can get in the way sometimes. You put in as much effort as your schedule allows, and you’re a proud Cal Bear, nonetheless. Go Bears.
    3. 75 percent: You’ve got school spirit! You love going to the events and love everything about this school. Others see you and get excited to show their spirit, too! Go Bears!
    4. 100 percent: You bleed blue and gold! We all know this school can be challenging sometimes, but despite the trials and tribulations, you go above and beyond to show your love for this school. From going to all the football games to hyping up the spirit rallies to decking out in full Cal gear, you do it all. Go Bears!

Hopefully, you’re satisfied with your result! If not, feel free to yell “Go Bears!” at the top of your lungs and out of your window to boost your street cred. (Disclaimer: The Clog is not liable for any noise complaints or any trouble you may get into based on this suggestion.) We here at the Clog hope you have a great time this weekend — remember to be safe and have fun!

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