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What the outfit you wear for the Big Game says about you

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NOVEMBER 16, 2018

The Big Game is finally here — the one day we overexaggerate our love for Cal by wearing excessive Cal gear and screaming “Go Bears!” constantly. The outfits people rock on game day are questionably fashionable. They usually range from head-to-toe Cal gear to b(ear)ly wearing any clothing. What does your game day outfit say about you?

Covered in paint

If you’re covered in paint and your body has one of the letters that spells “Go Bears!” or “Go Cal!” more likely than not, you’re part of Rally Comm. What happened to your blue and gold striped polos tho?

Tube top with cheerleader skirt

We know this look too well. If you’re wearing a tube top that has “California” printed right across your chest with a navy blue cheerleader skirt, you’re screaming basic bitch. There’s nothing wrong with being basic!

Shorts with a DIY Cal bro tank

You know what I’m talking about. Sometimes boys just want to show off their creativity and make their own DIY bro tank. These, however, aren’t your typical bro tanks. They make the holes too deep to the point where their nips are peaking out. If you’re wearing shorts with your own DIY Cal bro tank that’s just slightly too deep, you’re most likely a frat boy trying to show off your gains.  

Cal gear from head to toe

Do you go to UC Berkeley? Because I really can’t tell. Being dressed in Cal gear from head to toe is definitely a look. It just shows that you really love Cal. Go Bears!  


You better not be wearing any article of clothing that contains any hint of red when sitting at the stand with all the UC Berkeley students. They will 100 percent be shouting at you “TAKE OFF THAT RED SHIRT!” So, if you’re a UC Berkeley student that decides to wear red to the game, then you still haven’t gotten over your rejection from Stanfurd or you just want to take off your shirt in front of thousands of people.  

Blue and yellow striped jumpsuit

We have no idea how people rock the hideous striped jumpsuit, but somehow they find a way and they look so cute in them. If you can rock the jumpsuit, you’re bold and an angel from above.

Long sleeve, jacket and a respiratory mask   

You guys are the sanest ones out here. Night games can get pretty chilly and because of the recent fires, our air quality is pretty shitty right now. You’ll leave the game with clear lungs and all your body parts still attached.

Cal T-shirt with shorts

You’re part of the 99 percent.

Have fun at the game, Golden Bears! 

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NOVEMBER 16, 2018