Pablo Gomez scheduled to reappear in court Feb. 8

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Former UC Berkeley student Pablo Gomez Jr. is scheduled to reappear in court Feb. 8, as announced in a disposition and setting hearing Friday at the René C. Davidson Courthouse.

Twenty-three-year-old Gomez, who uses they/them pronouns, is charged with murder, attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. They were arrested Jan. 7, 2017 in connection with the stabbing of fellow campus student Kiana Schmitt and the death of Berkeley resident Emilie Inman.

According to Schmitt at a hearing in November 2017, Gomez was “clearly distressed” before the attack. Schmitt said that after performing a Día De Los Reyes ceremony at the UC Berkeley co-op Afro House, Gomez ran out of the house barely clothed. She found Gomez the next morning with hair shaved off, insisting to be called by the name “Ray.”

According to Schmitt, Gomez demanded that Schmitt drive them to a residence on Ashby Avenue. After following Gomez into the house’s yard, she alleged she discovered Gomez covered in blood with a knife. Gomez allegedly ushered Schmitt into a shed and stabbed her multiple times.

Schmitt alleged that Gomez asked her for help to clean up the blood, and she said Gomez asked her not to tell anyone what happened after the two moved into the shed on the property. Schmitt promised she would not, but she alleged at the November 2017 hearing that Gomez said they could not have any uncertainty and began to stab her.

Schmitt alleged that after the stabbing, Gomez dressed her in a cloth around her face, safety goggles, gloves and boots from the shed of the Ashby Avenue house.

According to Schmitt, the pair took the car and headed to the top of Ridge Road, where they got out and Schmitt trailed behind Gomez enough to allow her to stop a car and get help.

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