GIFs that describe how we feel about going home for Thanksgiving break

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We at the Clog love Thanksgiving — from taking a break from schoolwork to spending time with family and, of course, eating delicious food. But even though returning home from school can be relaxing and joyful, there are many dark sides, from running into old high school friends to listening to parents lecture you about your life choices. Here are just some of the thoughts we have during the Thanksgiving break, as told through GIFs.

When you realize you have almost a whole week to relax without class

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When you drive through your hometown and see how much has changed

WingNut Films / The Saul Zaentz Co / imgur

When you walk into your house to greet your parents…


… and they start making you do chores


When you eat your first home-cooked meal in months


When you’ve been home for 10 minutes and can already sense a family fight about to break out

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When you see an old classmate on the street


When your next-door neighbor asks how your classes are going


When you run into your high school crush at the grocery store

JennaMarbles / tenor

When you get together with your old squad…

Universal Pictures / GIPHY

… but everyone is so different, and it’s weird to hear about their lives in college

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 When your conservative Uncle Phil makes a jab at the “liberal snowflakes” in Berkeley, and you’re ready to go off on him…


… but your mom asks everyone to please keep it civil, so you bury your frustrations


When your parents ask you about your plans for the future


When Thanksgiving break is over, and you’re ready to get back your life of independence…

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… but then you realize finals are in three weeks

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We at the Clog know that Thanksgiving break can be a roller coaster of emotions, but we hope everyone takes the time to relax, recharge and remember all the things we have to be grateful for. Happy holidays!

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