Grateful Bears: Things UC Berkeley students have to be thankful for

Isabella Schreiber/File

Like most semesters here at UC Berkeley, this has been a rough one. And to be perfectly honest, we don’t remember anything that came before the fires. Despite the air quality and the pretty negative things that can happen on this campus, we at the Clog are trying to look on the bright side during this Thanksgiving break. This week is a time to try to think of all the good things in our lives, and we at the Clog have complied a list of things to be thankful for here at UC Berkeley.

N95 masks

They were (mostly) there for us this week when our school’s administration wasn’t. Some people say these masks don’t do anything to prevent smoke from getting into our lungs, but to us, they serve more as a comfort. We like to think our lungs got a tiny bit less ashy when we wore them.

Our football team isn’t the worst this year

It’s well known that our football team is consistently disappointing, but this hasn’t been a terrible year. Yes, we lost to UCLA, but we also beat Washington and USC — big wins in our books. We’ll even play in our first bowl game since 2015, so roll on, you Bears!

The students who bring baked goods to Moffitt and give them out for free

You are all the real MVPs. It takes a truly selfless and wonderful person to bake for the starved and stressed students who reside in Moffitt Library. We love and appreciate you all.

The rain

It’s a much-needed change! The Bay Area usually sees a fair amount of rain during the fall, but this year has been especially dry. Hopefully, this rain can bring some much-needed moisture to a place with devastating fires and unhealthy air.

Halal Guys on Center Street now has a student discount

Halal Guys got even better this year by implementing a student discount. These guys have shown that they’re here to support UC Berkeley students, and we love them for it. We’d totally order from them for our Thanksgiving meals.

This semester is almost over! 

As much as we “enjoy” being at school, it’s nice to know that we’ll be on a much-needed break in three weeks. That means no more late nights studying and lots of holiday desserts, family time and listening to “All I Want for Christmas Is You” on repeat. We can’t wait.

Most of all, we at the Clog are thankful for all of you, our readers. We’d be nothing without you. Wherever you are this Thanksgiving, know there’s so much in this world to be thankful for — you just have to look for it in the little things.

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