Let’s get mashed! Use this easy Thanksgiving mashed potato recipe

Kelly Fong/Staff

I have to say, eating mashed potatoes has to be one of my favorite things about Thanksgiving — this may be a biased opinion because I’m vegetarian, and I love potatoes.

Potatoes come in a variety of forms, from roasted to fried to mashed — and they’re all equally loved. But Thanksgiving is the time to celebrate our love for mashed potatoes. Creamy, soft, warm and drizzled with your favorite gravy, it’s the perfect dish to have during a cozy night in with your family. If you’re a mashed-potatoes advocate like myself, you know for a fact that those boxed mashed potatoes from your local grocery store will never compare to homemade mashed potatoes. So here’s an easy, homemade mashed potato recipe for you to enjoy this Thanksgiving!


2 pounds peeled potatoes (cut into quarters)

1 ½ cups milk

3 tablespoons unsalted butter


In a pot, bring water to a boil, and add potatoes to cook for about 15-20 minutes.


After 15-20 minutes, remove the potatoes from the heat, and pour them into a drainer. In the same pot, place the milk and butter under low heat until the butter has completely melted. Then, add the potatoes to the mixture, and use a potato masher to mash the potatoes together. If needed, mix in some salt and pepper to add more flavor.


And that’s it! It’s really that simple. Happy Thanksgiving, Golden Bears. We at the Clog are giving you permission to go wild on the mashed potatoes this Thanksgiving.

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