Make this festive, spiked hot chocolate to feel the holiday spirit

Chelsea Song/Staff

The fall season brings with it spiced flavors, holiday anticipation and cravings for all things whimsical and delicious. This extremely simple recipe for spiked hot chocolate is a great way to introduce some extra kick and warmth into your usual hot chocolate delight. Sit by a fireplace, crack open a book and prepare to unwind with this classic holiday drink with a twist.



4 ounces chopped, semisweet chocolate

2 cups milk

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/2 teaspoon table salt

1 shot bourbon of your choice

Marshmallows to top


Heat your milk on your stovetop at low heat and bring to a simmer. Don’t let your milk heat for too long, or it will start to curdle! (I speak from experience.)

After your milk is heated through, remove your milk from the heat and add your chocolate, salt and vanilla extract. Wait 30 seconds before stirring completely.

Transfer your hot chocolate into a festive mug to get into the holiday spirit and add 1 shot of bourbon (or 2!). Stir until bourbon is thoroughly mixed.

Lastly, top with as many marshmallows as you wish, and enjoy!


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