Stages of Black Friday shopping told through movie GIFs

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It’s that time of year again! With stomachs full of turkey, stuffing, potatoes and more, millions of families break down the doors of everyone’s favorite department stores such as Walmart, JCPenney and Macy’s at 3 p.m. Thursday. We’ve all felt that frustration at least once these past years. Join the Clog on our journey chronicling the many joyous and anger-filled stages of Black Friday.

It’s Thursday. Round up the fam, and head to your favorite store! It’s time for some door-busting.

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Feel the adrenaline as you wait with a shit ton of other people ready to take advantage of the same deals as you. Stink-eyes are plentiful.

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You’re in. You frantically run around the store, screaming to the rest of your family to get the 347 things you wrote down on your Black Friday list.

Leonidas Screaming - 300 GIF - 300 Leonidas Spartan GIFs

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You continue to scour the stores for whatever possibly looks like a good deal. The adrenaline isn’t wearing off. $2 for a blue T-shirt you’ll probably never wear? Add it to the pile.

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But wait, there’s that one thing on your list that you can’t seem to find. You hope it’s not too late.

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You see it.

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You reach for the last Belgian waffle maker … just as a middle-aged mom snatches it away from you.

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But there’s one more!

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You fight an old man to the death for the last waffle maker. And you win. Sorry, old man.

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Now it’s time to wait in another line.

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The Clog wishes all of you Black Friday shoppers the best of luck in staying up for two consecutive days and conquering all the door-busting deals your heart desires! Oh, and don’t forget to gear up for Cyber Monday.

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