Tunesday: Gentle acoustic songs to play in a cottage in the woods

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Are you tired of the pressures of school and society? Have you dreamed of running off into the woods? Do you lie awake at night, fantasizing about a peaceful cottage where you and your partner can go to bake bread in the soft morning light?

If this sounds like you, The Daily Californian has the perfect playlist for you.

With Thanksgiving break upon us, we’re all looking forward to our little moments of escape. While most of us don’t have a woodland paradise to retreat to, this playlist of gentle acoustics and pleasant melodies can help you pretend like you do.


“Where The Skies Are Blue” — The Lumineers

Start your fantasy morning off right with this light and breezy ode to lost love. Whereas other artists might tell the same story with solemnity or bittersweet resolve, lead singer Wesley Schultz begins by announcing, “You’re gonna leave, it ain’t gonna break my heart, mama.” Schultz’s soft vocals and the lack of percussion make this song somewhat unassuming compared to other tracks from Cleopatra — perfect for a quiet morning. As Schultz weaves beautiful imagery of flower beds and sunshine, all you have to do is sit back, close your eyes and allow yourself to be transported to a world where the skies are always blue.


“Bloom” — The Paper Kites

“Bloom” is a song guaranteed to melt your heart. Lyrics such as, “Oh, you fill my lungs with sweetness / And you fill my head with you,” will have your own head suddenly buzzing with thoughts of puppy love. The song feels like a sweet lullaby and an aching love letter all in one breath, carried along by its simple, repetitive and pleasantly ethereal guitar melody. With love in your heart and this tune in your head, you’ll follow the Paper Kites through the woods, “Where the fields are painted gold / And the trees are filled with memories.”


“Green, Green Rocky Road” — Oscar Isaac

When you feel the need to leave your blue skies and golden fields behind, Oscar Isaac’s “Green, Green Rocky Road” will take you on a completely new journey. The song itself was originally written by Len Chandler and Robert Kaufman, and like the best folk music, it has been covered by a variety of artists throughout the past decades. This version, as featured in the movie “Inside Llewyn Davis,” captures the same breezy feeling as earlier iterations. Isaac’s smooth voice croons out delightful nonsense about crows, tobacco-chewing mothers and the joys of traveling.


“Caesar Knows” — Oliver Hazard

“Caesar Knows” begins with a peaceful tone, similar to the previous songs, but quickly picks up the pace, adding in a tambourine and a steady, foot-stomping drum beat to keep the energy going. The song’s dominant guitar melody is distinctly folksy, and the chorus of vocals, although rousing at moments, remains lighthearted and energetic throughout. The band may be singing, “Caesar, don’t you dance on my floor,” but it can’t stop you from dancing inside your own private world.


“Take A Bow” — Greg Laswell

As much as we all like to dream of a world free from chaos, with easy mornings and painless love, the reality of life is that it often goes astray. When you find yourself searching for moments of peace over the next week, there is no better song for your quiet self-reflection than Laswell’s “Take A Bow.” With his soothing voice and slow acoustics, Laswell reminds you to take your time and be gentle with yourself, imparting his wisdom with all the warmth of an old friend.

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