Editors’ note: Happy Thanksgiving from the Clog!

With Halloween out of the way, we have all started to wait in serious anticipation of our favorite winter holidays, starting with Thanksgiving. The holiday evokes all things good — from amazing meals with family and friends to feelings of gratitude that we often neglect when we get bombarded with work every which way during the school year. 

We at the Clog are similarly anticipating this year’s “turkey day” with equal fervor. That’s why we have prepared content for you to get ready and psyched for this year’s beloved Thanksgiving, from ways to dodge the annual awkward dinner-table conversations to how to celebrate this holiday while abroad.

With turkey and mashed potatoes in our stomachs and gratitude in our hearts, we at the Clog thank you, our dear readers!

Ways to dodge awkward conversations at the Thanksgiving dinner table


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GIFs that describe how we feel about going home for Thanksgiving break


Thanksgiving abroad: Celebrating an American holiday in Scotland


How to have a fun Thanksgiving break if you are staying in Berkeley


Thoughts we all have during Thanksgiving break as described by Kim K. tweetscoloredited_oliviastaser_kardashian

Let’s get mashed! An easy Thanksgiving mashed potato recipe


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