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Quiz: What type of Ferrari would you drive to Jamba Juice?

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NOVEMBER 26, 2018

You and your pal are planning a hangout sesh at Jamba Juice on Bancroft tomorrow, and your friend asks you how you’re going to get there. You think to yourself: WWTSS (What Would Travis Scott Say)? 

“LaFerrari to Jamba Juice,” you obviously reply as you continue spitting beats to the rest of “SICKO MODE.”

While we at the Clog wouldn’t call ourselves rap aficionados, we know that Travis Scott’s Astroworld lyrics have become somewhat of a phenomenon. So all that’s left to ask, fellow Bears, is what type of Ferrari would you drive to our beloved Jamba Juice? Take our quiz to find out.


  1. What’s your favorite song on La Flame’s Astroworld besides “SICKO MODE”?
    2. “R.I.P. SCREW”
    3. “YOSEMITE”
    4. What’s Astroworld?
  2. If you had to choose a favorite Jamba Juice drink, what would it be?
    1. Orange Carrot Karma
    2. Pumpkin Smash
    3. Half Peach Pleasure and half Berry UpBEET
    4. Water, obvs.
  3. You’re writing your own song — who do you hit up to collaborate with you?
    1. Stevie Wonder
    2. Swae Lee
    3. Nav
    4. No one. I got to UC Berkeley all by myself, and I’d write a successful song all by myself too.
  4. You’re running really late (Berkeley time has long passed) to class in VLSB, and it’s raining (finally). By what means do you race to class?
    1. I’d Uber there, duh.
    2. 51B to Center Street and then walk fast. Very fast.
    3. I have my car in Berkeley, so I’d drive there.
    4. Nothing like a good ol’ sprint.
  5. You’ve finished writing your song, and now you’re going to release it to the world. What stage name do you take?
    1. D.W. n’Elle
    2. La Fire
    3. HaasHole
    4. I like my name as is, so I don’t think I’d take on a stage name.
  6. What signature line would be the highlight of your song?
    1. Let’s get this bread.
    2. Weird flex but OK.
    3. Subtle [insert stage name] traits.
    4. Yeet.
    1. LaFerrari — you’re a little spoiled, but we love you for just that reason. You have legends on speed dial; you’re carefree and you’re always the friend that encourages everyone to go out instead of staying in. You deserve this limited production Ferrari, and you’d flaunt it in every way possible that you own one. Keep flexing hard.
    2. Ferrari Enzo — the classic. You’re not super original, but that doesn’t mean you’re not amazing. Your friends can always find you studying in Doe Library, working out at the RSF or grabbing a latte at Caffe Strada. If you had a Ferrari, you’d drive it down Bancroft, back up Durant and down Bancroft again just because you can, but you’d probably switch back to your trustworthy car from high school after a week.
    3. Ferrari California — you’re a California bitch and you never let anyone forget it #westcoastbestcoast #instatetuition. You’re bougie AF, but you keep it classy and only flex subtly. You study at cafes that strictly serve Columbian coffee, extra hot of course. Once you set your mind to something, there’s no stopping you, and if someone tries to mess with your SF-instead-of-Kip’s plans, you’ll scream.
    4. A bicycle — you’re a simple, independent and quiet person who doesn’t need materialistic luxuries such as a Ferrari. You bike around our hilly campus everyday (so you’re naturally swole), and if a friend needs to meet you at Jamba Juice, you’d bike there. You probably wouldn’t order anything, but you’re going for the good times and not the juice anyway, right? 


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NOVEMBER 26, 2018