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A playlist to help you count down the days until winter break

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NOVEMBER 28, 2018

Labor Day: check. Veterans Day: check. Thanksgiving break: check. We at the Clog have been ticking off our calendars, too. Gear up, Golden Bears, because we’re now in the home stretch of the fall 2018 semester. With everyone finishing up classes and scrambling to review for finals, the Clog’s got your back with a chill playlist to help keep you sane through the last days of mayhem as you count down to winter break.

“Feel It All Around”  — Washed Out

This dreamy “chillwave” song will take all the stress out of you. Play it before a study session to relax, and make sure all you have on your mind is physics, instead of anxiety (though the two are quite synonymous). Some of you die-hard “Portlandia” fans may recognize this song!

“Midnight City” — M83

Time to get nostalgic! Take a trip back in time to your school days when you and all your cool friends used to blast this song in the car. Its upbeat rhythm and calm synth paired with dreamy vocals are all you need to keep yourself hopeful for home.

“If I Could Turn Back Time” — Cher

We think we’ve established that Cher is iconic AF. This soothing ’80s classic will have you belting out the lyrics from the depths of Main Stacks while you’re in the middle of reviewing. If no one can hear you cry there, no one can hear you sing, either, so feel free to go to town. We won’t judge.

“Scar Tissue” — Red Hot Chili Peppers

While RHCP has churned out some upbeat jams, “Scar Tissue” is a chill song with a groovy beat. We suggest playing this during these last few days to revive your lone brain cell and replenish your energy. Keep going!

“Kids” — MGMT

If this song doesn’t make you feel like home, we don’t know what else will. Play this song while walking to and from the library to remind you of your childhood before you came to UC Berkeley. It’ll help you pass the time and get you ready for days of lounging around doing absolutely nothing like a kid instead of slaving away at multivariable calculus.

“Malibu” — Hole

This one’s for all you SoCal kids. Play this song while typing up that 16-page final essay before you run home to your lack of rain and year-round beach weather. Courtney Love’s relaxing vocals will take you back to those winters when you could dip your feet into the Pacific without them falling off. And, of course, you’ll be decked out in full winter gear composed of a T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops.

“Dreams” — Fleetwood Mac

This throwback may be old, but we assure you it’s gold. Let Stevie Nicks take you away to Dreamland™ and your sweet, sweet, comfy bed that you shall promptly spend a straight 14 hours in as soon as you leave UC Berkeley. It’s also a great song to de-stress to.

“Heroes” — David Bowie

This song always hits us in the feels. Bowie’s track will make you feel like you’re in a convertible with its top down, zooming off toward that vacation you desperately need, despite just having had a break three weeks before this one. It’s OK — we understand.

“Where Is My Mind?” — Pixies

You probably will be feeling like the title of this song by the time break gets here. Hopefully it isn’t before that, too. As far as we at the Clog know, you’ll probably need your mind to take your finals — most of them, at least. This song is great to play after a long day of slaving away over the books to unwind and let your mind take a much-needed break.

“Rocket Man” — Elton John

Sometimes, all we need is a little piano. John’s out-of-this-world song will definitely make you want to get on a rocket and burn down UC Berkeley in the process, but things don’t always go the way you want. At least with this song, you can play it on repeat while you get in the car, train, plane or whatever your vehicle of choice is to transport you up, up and away.

If the impending doom of the last couple weeks of the semester is getting you down, just pop on this playlist and let the music whisk away all your troubles. Stay focused and remember that you’ll be knee-deep in the holidays again soon enough!

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NOVEMBER 28, 2018