7 things you’ve been putting off all semester: A to-do list for dead week

Annika Constantino/Staff

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RRR week is a time to (procrastinate on) study(ing), but it’s also an excellent opportunity to take care of all the chores and obligations you’ve been avoiding all semester. Since you’re pretty much stuck in Berkeley for the week — unless you’re bold enough to take a trip the week before finals — take advantage of the lack of classes and tie up all those loose ends. Here’s a to-do list filled with all the stuff you should take care of in that sweet, sweet week of laziness between classes and finals. Better late than never, right?


Work out

A little bit of exercise won’t just improve your physical health — it can also help you clear your mind and handle the stress of studying. Sadly, the weather forecasts are showing some rain during dead week, so you may have to limit your fitness routine to within the walls of the RSF. But really, who wants to work out in the “great” outdoors, where they don’t even have treadmills with Netflix screens?


Wash your bedsheets

Cleaning your sty of a room may be too tough of a task even for a whole week of no classes, but the least you can do is take care of your sheets. Plus, getting an adequate amount of sleep is important as you head into finals, and there’s no better sleep than clean-bedsheet sleep. And hey, we won’t judge if you’re running behind on your other laundry as well.



It’s OK. We understand. It’s been a long semester.


Fall in love

Grab your phone and open Tinder right back up. Maybe you prioritized academics over your romantic life throughout the semester, but now you’ve got a little extra time on your hands, so it’s time to finally work up the courage to shoot your shot. You never know how things will be after winter break, so it’s really now or never. And there’s really nothing more romantic than the impending doom of final exams!


Check up on your health

When you have midterms and papers to worry about, it can be easy to forget about keeping your body well. When was the last time you went for a checkup at the doctor? For a cleaning at the dentist? How long has it been since you’ve been tested for STIs? Take advantage of the resources on campus and make sure you’re plenty healthy before you head into that Monday 8 a.m. final.


Read The Daily Californian

We know that you’ve been meaning to read all our content all semester but have become too busy with all your classes and clubs and tests and projects and — you get the idea. Now is the perfect time to finally dig in to every single thing the Daily Cal has produced since school started in August, from campus news to editorials to multimedia content. Really, you owe this one to yourself.


Go to class

Now that the campus administration has allowed professors to schedule classes during two days of RRR week, you have the opportunity to experience something you rarely did during the semester — attending your classes. Don’t you ever wonder what the lecture hall that you’ve seen so many times on webcasts looks like in real life? And since these last lectures probably involve some review, going to class can really give you the last-minute boost you need for the final.

As tempting as it may be to hole up in Moffitt for a series of all-nighters, it’s important to take a break from studying and do all the things you’ve been needing to do since week one. Good luck on all of your finals — not that you’ll need it!

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