A guide to library-hopping for dead week

Jenn Zeng/Staff

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Finding your favorite study space can be a challenge, especially during finals season when everyone else is doing the same. Studying at home and inviting friends over may be comfortable and convenient, but the environment can get distracting more often than not.

If you’re looking for a way to combine productivity with staying social in a nondistracting environment, we’ve combined the reading and the relaxing in this library-hopping guide!


Stop 1: Moffitt Library

Start your day off at Moffitt, if you can secure a seat (or some floor space). Maybe just bring your own chair.

Moffitt Library is one of the more popular locations on campus for its centrality and silent study floor. Free Speech Movement Cafe, located on the ground floor, is also a major plus for those looking to break their revising with some liquid courage (to get your studying done). You can start this library-hopping excursion with some shots (of espresso) and maybe a scone to chase down the impending existential dread that comes with finals.


Stop 2: Jean Gray Hargrove Music Library

The Hargrove Music Library is not just for those trying to be the next Chopin, it’s actually open to anyone looking for wide space and bright light to crank some classical music (only through their headphones, of course).

The spacing of this library may not provide a ton of desks to snag — the spread of tables all over the library makes wherever you settle down feel a little smaller and less distracting. So sit down, turn on that laptop, and if you need a break, browse the music biographies on the top floor about artists such as Pink Floyd, Green Day, the Beatles and many more.


Stop 3: C. V. Starr East Asian Library

The East Asian Library is one of the most beautifully designed spaces on campus. Head to the reading room just right of the entrance and you’ll be greeted by bright, lengthy windows and homey hanging lanterns. The cubicle-style desks allow for study-conducive spaces with some feeling of privacy (in case you start getting sick of your friends by this point in the journey).


Stop 4: Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive Film Library

This one may be quite a ways out, but the nice walk through the woodsy part of campus will be a refreshing cleanser for your brain after all the studying done so far.

The Film Library in BAMPFA makes a great place to get your creative juices flowing. Need to write some essays? Spend a couple minutes wandering the art galleries to find some inspiration before settling down. To make it even better, the museum is free for UC Berkeley students!


Stop 5: Doe Library

Doe Library is basically Disneyland for literary lovers. It may be counted as one library in this list, but Doe actually holds a multitude of libraries inside its doors depending on what department you’re looking for.

Want a cozy room to read and possibly take a nap now that you’ve reached the end of your study session? Check out the Morrison Library. Need to feel a little more studious? The North Reading Room will definitely give you some Hogwarts vibes to satisfy your intellect.  


Now that you’ve reached the end of your library-hopping adventures, decide for yourself what your new go-to study spot will be. Or, pick all of them, and rotate throughout next semester where you can be found hitting the books. Once you ace all your finals this semester, treat yourself to some real bar-hopping (or froyo-hopping if that’s more legal for you).

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