The Clog’s end-of-semester bucket list for a Bear

Ashley Zhang/Staff

When those course evaluations hit your bCourses inbox “Hotline Bling”style, it can only mean one thing… the end of the semester is upon us, Bears. We may be in the fourth quarter of the game, but fear not, time is still on the clock, so gains can still be made and feats accomplished. If you can’t count on your grades to end the year on a perfect note and leave your spirits feeling merry and bright, we here at the Clog have put together a list of easy peasy goals you can complete before the end of the semester to have you making money moves and feeling accomplished!

Post a Snapchat story of the Campanile

This is a must even if just to remind your loyal fans that you indeed attend the University of California, Berkeley. If you’re really feeling like an academic snob, you could always try out the caption “#1 Public University” for size, but spoiler alert: it fits like a glove! 

Go to all of your classes 

This isn’t family dinner — you don’t get to skip the broccoli (that annoying class you hate which has the slides posted online anyways) and only have dessert (your lecture where you can hide in the back and surf Pinterest uninterrupted).

Break a tradition  

This is for all you daredevils out there. Get your inner #rebel on and break a sacred tradition. To be honest, we’re a bit scared to suggest ideas out loud (as Oski’s ancestors are very real and thus may haunt us) so for the record, we’re whispering this: step on the seal, roll up 4.0 hill, wear a red shirt.

Uber to class

Put on your fancy pants outfit, throw on some aviators that scream “Watch out you peasants, I’m important!” and order yourself an Uber straight to class. Sometimes in the sea of stress that is Berkeley, it’s important to remember it’s all for living the dream… being able to Uber everywhere.

Accept all the flyers that come your way as you walk down Sproul

Not to be dramatic, but if you’re looking for a way to put a smile on some faces, make a day, and hey, maybe even change a life, take heed, friends. But really, as much hate as we throw at the flyer-ers year-round, wouldn’t it feel good to show them a lil’ mercy?

Take a mental health day

Objectively speaking, the weather is practically begging us to snuggle up with a fluffy blanket, some ice cream and The Devil Wears Prada. There’s something so satisfying about taking a day for yourself against the backdrop of the million things you probably should be doing instead.

Pull an all-nighter

It’s a college classic. One day you’ll look back in awe at your younger self. To be honest, we’re not even sure it’s a real challenge considering finals season is upon us and it may already be in store for your future anyways.

Throw those ideas in your theoretical mental bucket and there you have it: a semester bucket list with a two-week timeline! So, in the wise words of Sir Mix-a-Lot: Jump on it!

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