How to feel good and stay stress-free during dead week

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Dead week is upon us, and we all know it’s a week synonymous with studying and stress. It, however, doesn’t have to be so bad. If you’re careful, you can have a stress-free week while also getting prepared for finals. Here are some ways to have the best dead week possible.

Study (like, really study!)

This week is meant for reviewing material. It would be a waste of a dead week if you didn’t prepare for your finals at all. You shouldn’t, however, spend every second mindlessly studying. Instead, spend your time learning the topics you struggle with. Find your weaknesses in a class or particular material you don’t understand, and work on that. As you find these weaknesses, you’ll review the stuff you already know and hopefully feel even more prepared for the final.

Get some fresh air

There’s a temptation to spend all of your time indoors studying this week. This will only make you tired and feel like you’re drudging through. To break out of this mindset, go outside and just get some fresh air. Just remember to put on a jacket so you don’t get too cold.

Take a break by doing something you enjoy

If you’d rather just stop studying entirely, then take a break and do something you truly enjoy — it has a better chance of actually making you feel better. Whatever never fails to put a smile on your face will help you break out of the monotony. Meanwhile, by doing something you like, there’s a better chance it won’t feel like a waste of your time.


Dead week might seem like the perfect time to cram for classes all day and night. This will only make you feel tired and cause you to be inefficient while studying. It’s in your best interest to actually get on a regular sleep schedule that has you going to bed earlier than you usually would. A regular sleep schedule will aid your studying tremendously and help you understand and memorize even more information than if you stayed up all night cramming.

Remind yourself that you got this

The best thing to remember is that you got this. As long as you review material and make the most of your time, there’s no reason to stress about finals. These next few days aren’t an excuse to play video games all day and cram the night before your final. Instead, they’re there to remind you that you can do this, especially if you prepare a little bit every day. Stressing about your finals won’t make them any easier, so try to calm yourself and remind yourself that you’re totally going to ace those finals of yours.

Hopefully, this dead week will feel productive and not too stressful. Remember to study hard but take breaks every now and again. There’s no reason to be a zombie during dead week. Good luck on your finals and remember that winter break is right around the corner!

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