Quiz: What’s your perfect dead week study spot?

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Often, the hardest part of studying for finals is finding a place where you can focus. You need to find a place where you won’t feel distracted, where you won’t feel too miserable and where you can actually find a place to sit. This is never an easy task, so we at the Clog put together this helpful quiz that will decide where to study for you! We guarantee you that this will be the only test you’ll take this week that won’t be graded.

  1. How many in-class finals do you have?
    1. One, but I have essays and projects also!  
    2. Two, with a few projects.
    3. Four.
    4. None, just projects and essays.
  2. Do you have a Friday final?
    1. Yep, it’s in the morning.
    2. No, I’m done early in the week!
    3. Yeah, and I have the 7-10 p.m. slot.
    4. No, but I have an essay due Friday.
  3. What’s your go-to study snack?
    1. Coffee, and lots of it.
    2. Pastries!
    3. Granola bars.
    4. Gimme all the junk food.
  4. How productive do you plan to be this weekend?
    1. I’ll be studying 24/7.
    2. I don’t have too many finals, so I’ll probably take lots of breaks.
    3. I’ll be doing a mix of hanging out with friends and studying.
    4. I’m honestly not planning on studying much at all.
  5. What year are you?
    1. First.
    2. Second.
    3. Third.
    4. Fourth and above.
  6. How was the semester for you?
    1. Pretty good! I felt like I grew a lot.
    2. Honestly, it was trash. The L’s I took were abundant.
    3. Mediocre. It wasn’t memorable but not bad either.
    4. I haven’t had time to think about that, I’m too busy.
  7. What’s your favorite coffee shop?
    1. Caffe Strada.
    2. 1951 Coffee Company.
    3. Philz Coffee.
    4. Cafe Blue Door.
  8. Do you take your coffee with milk?
    1. Hell yeah, dairy or die!
    2. Oat milk is so in right now; I refuse to drink anything else.
    3. I’ll stick with almond milk, thank you.
    4. No milk, please.
  9. Have you ever pulled an all-nighter for finals?
    1. Nope, sleep is important for the brain.
    2. I pulled all-nighters all year.
    3. No, but I’ve stayed up pretty late.
    4. Once or twice.
  10. Are you excited for next semester?
    1. Why are you asking me that? I’m just trying to make it through this one.
    2. Yep! I’m praying it’ll be better than this one.
    3. I only care about winter break. I can’t think further than that.
    4. Nope, it’s going to be harder than this one.
    1. Main Stacks. You need some peace and quiet to get on that grind. You’re pretty focused and intense when studying, so it’s likely that you’ll be going through finals week in a breeze.
    2. A nice coffee shop such as Caffe Strada, Sack’s, Brewed Awakening or Philz. You work hard and play hard. You find it hard to stay awake, so you need coffee 24/7. 
    3. At home. Queen of “Are You Actually Studying?” You like to take naps constantly and don’t want to go outside to risk not having a seat. Good luck, I guess? 
    4. An underrated library on campus such as the East Asian Library, the Music Library, the Environmental Design Library or the Earth Sciences and Map Library. You’re a spicy person who likes to go against the status quo. Moffitt? Doe? We don’t know them! 

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