Things to remember to make the next couple weeks a little more BEARable

Isabella Schreiber/Staff

There’s no doubt that stress envelops our campus — especially with finals just around the corner. Having a shitty day here at UC Berkeley is not rare. From scoring poorly on your midterm to pulling all-nighters multiple times a week, it’s just become the norm. But of course, there’s always a bright light at the end of this horrendous, dark tunnel and some sparks of sunshine in between. Here are some of the best feelings you should hold on to tightly during these last couple weeks of hell. Hang in there, Bears — winter break is closer than you think!

Canceled classes

This is one of the best feelings ever as a college student, especially when it’s an 8 a.m. or when you didn’t do the assigned reading for that day. You get to sleep in and sink deeper into your comfy bed and blankets. This is definitely a “hallelujah” moment. 

No hangover or vomiting after a wild night out 

Ah, yes, you know what we’re talking about. Hangovers and vomiting are things we all dread. After all, we just want to have fun without the side effects! Is that really too much to ask for? Sometimes the universe is on our side and takes away the horror of lying in bed all day with a huge migraine and reflecting on what the hell we did last night. And that’s a true blessing, if you ask us.

Checking Gradescope to find out you did better than you expected on a test or assignment

Don’t forget to hold on to this feeling in the coming weeks. Your heart skips a beat every time you get a notification that your midterm score has been uploaded to Gradescope. How did you do? Did you score at least average? The nerves and anxiety rush through your body as you log in to Gradescope, but the moment you realize you scored way better than you expected — now that’s one of the best feelings ever. We rarely find that at UC Berkeley, so hold on to it because you’re not going to get much of it during these last couple weeks. RIP.

Did someone say, “Llamas”?

Shoutout to whomever brought Llamapalooza into our lives. Making the stressful walk to class and then all of a sudden spotting llamas on Memorial Glade brings us an overwhelming amount of joy. It’s as if all of your worries are gone for those few minutes you interact with them. Hold on to that feeling and hold on to those llamas — it’s going to be one wild ride through finals week. 

That good air 

We didn’t know what we had until it was gone. Breathing through a respirator mask was no fun, so thank you to all the first responders who worked tirelessly and risked their lives to contain the recent fires. We are forever grateful for that good air!

As dead week makes its way into our lives, it’s important to remember the good times. Don’t let the stress get to you; we promise it will get better soon. We’re less than two weeks away from reaching the end of this long and dark tunnel!

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