What the day you start studying during dead week says about you

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Happy dead week! Reading, Review and Recitation Week is a week granted to students to help them finish their assignments, get some rest and prepare for final exams that are right around the corner. But, to no one’s surprise, people take advantage of this week differently. While some are in Main Stacks at 8 a.m. every day, others prefer to take it easy and use the week to have fun. The Clog is here with some insight about what your dead week habits, particularly what day you decide to hit the books, say about you and how you’ll perform on your finals.


You’re probably doing good enough in your classes that you won’t even need to do incredibly well on your finals, but you’re extra so you’re going to study hard anyway. You’ve carefully crafted out a study schedule on your Google Calendar, and you always get the best seat in Main Stacks because you’re there before anybody else. You’ll probably do well on your finals, but you also may need to get out and enjoy life a little more.


You’re responsible, but you don’t want people to think of you as a “try-hard.” You’re the type to make fun of other people who do really well on tests when you secretly also do just as good. You know that finals are important and you take them seriously, so you have a game plan for all of your review sessions. We predict that you’ll ace your finals, but you won’t want anyone to know.


You’re pretty confident — you know you’ll do well on your finals and in life in general, so you don’t see the point in stressing out. You like to take life each day at a time, and you think it’s important to find a balance between school and life. You probably study at FSM, where you can get work done but also chat with your friends.


You’re one of those people who gets stressed out by procrastinating but does it anyway. You feel guilty about binging “Black Mirror” on Netflix when you know you should be taking a practice test, but again, you do it anyway. When you finally decide to start studying, it takes you about 30 minutes of browsing on Facebook before you finally open up your study guide. You’ll do great on your tests, as long as you can keep yourself from getting distracted as you study.


You probably feel pretty good about your finals — you know you’ll get the grade you need, and all you have to do is some light review and you’re set. You’re the kind of person that doesn’t do the problem set until the night before, but you understand the material well enough to get full credit for it anyway. People will probably hate you because while they spent hours studying, you were playing “Fortnite,” and yet you’ll somehow get the same score.


Studying probably stresses you out — you know you need to do it, but you’re just anxious about actually getting started. You like to laugh at posts on UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens, as they perfectly relate to how you feel all the time about school. Don’t freak out — it’s not too late to start studying, and there are lots of ways to help combat the stress you might be feeling. You’ll do fine on your finals, but just remember that putting off studying will only stress you out more.


If you don’t start studying until the Saturday of dead week, you most likely fall into one of three categories: 1) You’re taking all of your classes pass/no pass, 2) most of your classes had final papers and you only have one in-person final or 3) you’re just a serial procrastinator and you like to pull all-nighters in Moffitt after chugging three Red Bulls. We hate to break it to you, but this strategy rarely works if you’re hoping to do well, unless you have a magical photographic memory.

Whatever day you finally decide to head to the library, we at the Clog wish everyone the best of luck during studying and on your finals!

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