Quiz: Which Ariana Grande from ‘thank u, next’ are you?


Last week, Ariana Grande blessed us with one of the best music videos of all time. From nostalgic reimaginations of our favorite childhood movies to guest appearances by many of Ariana Grande’s famous friends, “thank u, next” was everything we never knew we needed. If you’re in need of a study break, take the Clog’s quiz to find out which version of Ariana Grande from this iconic music video you are.

  1. How many times have you watched the “thank u, next” video?
    1. Haven’t seen it yet
    2. I’ve honestly lost count at this point
    3. Once
    4. Maybe three or four times
  2. What’s your major?
    1. Political science
    2. Something else
    3. Theater, dance and performance studies
    4. Media studies
  3. Who do you sit with at lunch?
    1. The Preps
    2. The “Plastics”
    3. Girls who don’t eat anything
    4. Sexually active band geeks
  4. What do you do after a breakup?
    1. Focus on school, work and self-empowerment
    2. Talk mad shit about your ex with your friends
    3. Have a solo dance party
    4. Cry about it with your mom
  5. Which of Ariana’s cameo guests would you most want to have lunch with?
    1. Jennifer Coolidge
    2. Kris Jenner
    3. Matt Bennett
    4. Colleen Ballinger
  6. Pick your favorite ex
    1. Mac Miller
    2. Big Sean
    3. Ricky Alvarez
    4. Pete Davidson
  7. Pick your favorite “thank u, next” lyric
    1. “I’m so f-cking grateful for my ex”
    2. “Spend more time with my friends, I ain’t worried ’bout nothin’.”
    3. “I’ve learned from the pain, I’ve turned out amazing.”
    4. “I’ve loved and I’ve lost, but that’s not what I see.”
    1. Elle Woods (“Legally Blonde”): For you, there’s no breakup that a good “bend and snap” can’t fix!
    2. Regina George (“Mean Girls”): If there’s a tea-spilling session going on, you’re there. You get through breakups with the support of your friends, who are always down to go to Taco Bell with you.
    3. Torrance Shipman (“Bring It On”): Aside from your mad teeth-brushing skills, you have a big heart and value loyalty, honesty and a good booty-pop.
    4. Jenna Rink (“13 Going on 30”): Sometimes you hit points in your life when you regret all of your life choices, but don’t worry, you’ll find your magic dust one day.

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