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Your eatery guide for when you find yourself hungry on campus

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DECEMBER 09, 2018

You never know when hunger will strike. It could be in the comfort of your own apartment, or unfortunately, in the middle of your afternoon lecture. For those times when you find yourself miles away from your kitchen in the middle of Sproul desperate for a quick bite, here’s your comprehensive guide to navigating the best spots for food on campus.

Free Speech Movement Cafe

With finals in full swing this week, all-nighters are all too common, but luckily, FSM is conveniently open 24 hours, making it the perfect spot to hit up for a 1 a.m. snack. Whether you’re looking for a salad, sandwich, dessert or coffee, FSM has it all (and more).

Rice and Bones

If you’re craving a taste of Asian cuisine, head to Rice and Bones in Wurster Hall for hearty and delicious pho and steamed buns to warm you up during the cold and rainy days that Berkeley has been experiencing lately.

Cafe Zeb

Located next to Berkeley Law School, Cafe Zeb is the FSM of the eastern part of campus with a similar selection of food and drinks (and the bonus of a less crowded interior).

V&A Cafe

When you’re on Northside, check out V&A Cafe in Etcheverry Hall for a vast selection of food that certainly won’t disappoint. From salads and pastas to yogurts and pastries, V&A will satisfy your hunger pains from breakfast to dinner.

Yali’s Cafe

So nice, we have it thrice on our campus — one in Stanley Hall, another in Sutardja Dai Hall and a Micro Yali’s in VLSB. Yali’s is the perfect place to go to for great coffee, a refreshing smoothie or a quiche if your tummy’s rumbling and the atmosphere doubles as a great spot for studying.

1951 Coffee Company

1951 Coffee Company, located right inside the MLK building, is great if you’re in the mood for a coffee and pastry combo with a twist. Rather than just having your standard array of morning treats, 1951 also offers mochi donuts and mochi muffins, which are definitely worth a try. As for the coffee, it easily takes the cake as the best on campus.

When you’re rushing to find a place to eat at before your next lecture starts, it can be hard to come up with a concrete place to go. But there’s no need to panic anymore! Use this guide to find your next lunch destination without missing a second of your next class.

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DECEMBER 09, 2018