We’ve got the blues: How to deal with the grade-related blues

Hannah Cooper/File

With finals in full swing, chances are that grades are on your mind. Even the coming winter break won’t be a reprieve. However, getting your grades doesn’t have to ruin part of your winter break. You can try to ignore them until winter break is over, but here are some tips on how to deal with grade-related blues if simply ignoring your grades doesn’t do the trick. 

Look at your grades

If you’re the type of person who can’t ignore grades or resist the urge to see them, then just look at them. Chances are that if you don’t, you’ll be filled with dread and apprehension. As much as it seems like a good idea to wait, seeing your grades will be better in the long term.

Don’t think you should have worked harder

There might be a class where you got a lower grade than what you wanted. This will probably get you upset about what you should’ve done this semester. Try not to think like this. Nothing you can do after getting your grades will change what you did while taking the class. Instead, take this as a challenge to improve your work ethic next semester.

Do something to distract yourself over winter break

Winter break is a chance for you to have a much needed vacation from school. Why should you let school barge in and ruin your time away? A solution is to distract yourself by doing what you like (or by watching Netflix). You have so much more free time, so do something you enjoy that will take your mind off of school. It should help you feel better at least in the short term.

Change the subject of conversation away from your grades

However, no amount of distracting yourself from your grades will stop relatives from asking about them. It can feel like someone is rubbing salt in the wound. The solution is to try to change the subject of your conversations from your grades. Simply give a vague answer and try to bring up something interesting that you learned in class to divert their attention. Hopefully, that will be enough to get them off your back.

Remember that grades don’t define you

The best way to feel better after getting a batch of lackluster grades is to remember one simple fact: grades don’t define you. The point of a class is to learn the material, not regurgitate it on a random set of days. If you got what you wanted out of the class, then it was time well-spent. You might be worried about how these grades will lower your GPA— remember that once you get actual job experience, nobody will care what that number is.

Enjoy your winter break! It’s a well-deserved break from all that UC Berkeley throws at us. Good luck on your finals, and hopefully you won’t have to use any of the tips above. It’s your break from school, so don’t let school get in the way of your break! 

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