Clog’s declassified rain survival guide: How to bear the rain without the proper gear

Jan Flatley-Feldman/File
Jan Flatley-Feldman/File

It’s the beginning of December, and you know what that means — it’s finally going to fucking rain in the Bay Area. And no, we don’t mean predictable showers and drizzles that you can easily get updates on through the weather app. We’re talking about when it pours for five minutes, is silent for the next three hours and then rains all night long. We understand that sometimes you’ll be caught in the rain in flip-flops and no umbrella. Here are some tips to help you survive the rain even if you don’t have all of the necessary things.

Use a textbook or a course reader as a rain shield

We have to put all that money spent on these stacks of paper to use somehow, right? If you find yourself in a downpour sans umbrella or hood, simply hold a textbook or course reader over your head to protect yourself and your valuables as you trudge to wherever you need to go. If they get damaged from the water (which they will), it’s perfectly OK because you don’t read them anyways!

Walk really slowly

If you don’t splash the puddle, the puddle won’t splash you. Walk excruciatingly slow through campus so you don’t disturb any of the water on the ground and get your feet wet. Disclaimer: the rest of you may get soaked, though. We suggest using this tip if you step outside after it has rained without your knowledge.


Sometimes, it’s all you can do to take the least amount of damage. When the showers start, you most likely don’t want to be in them. You’ll get wet for sure but imagine how wet you would’ve gotten if you hadn’t hauled ass to where you needed to go. Plus, you’ll dry off eventually.

Building hop

When the rain starts, don’t be a deer in headlights— be a deer inside a building and out of the rain! Enter the closest building if the rain catches you off guard, and speed walk from building to building until you’re at destination. The moments spent inside will reheat and replenish you with the energy you’ll need to walk against the driving Bay Area rain.

Put plastic bags over your shoes

Always keep a few plastic bags in your backpack. Sure, you’ll crinkle when you walk, and you may not be able to reuse those plastic bags, but those are small prices to pay in order to keep your feet from becoming soggy. We recommend using extra large ones so they can double as storage as you walk.  

“Borrow” someone else’s umbrella

Sharing is caring! Find yourself stuck in a storm? We’re sure the friendly stranger right there with you is willing to let you use their umbrella. Just go up to them when they’ve let their guard down and yank that umbrella out of their hand. You can also go to one of the dining halls and see if anyone has left one at the front, or just snatch your roomie’s!

We’re sorry to tell you that the rainy season in the Bay Area starts in December and ends somewhere around the end of March. That means you’re in for four months of sporadic rain and occasional hail. From all of us at the Clog, we hope you put these tips to good use!

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