A semester in review: UC Berkeley students’ starter pack

Emily Bi/Staff

Regardless if you’ve been here for what’s nearing a total of four years or just a single semester, you might have noticed the campus trends that are formulated throughout your time here. It comes as no surprise that the intelligent student body at UC Berkeley is brimming with unique interests, skills and ambitions, making no two students alike. When it comes to our tastes in fashion, food and festivities, however, there are definitely a couple of fan favorites that instantly cross our minds. With the fall semester almost coming to an end, the Clog is pleased to present the starter pack of a UC Berkeley student.

Boosted board

With the transition into this school year, it seems that good ol’ fashion walking has been deemed overrated. Nowadays, the mode of transportation from your dorm to lecture is via a Boosted board. Sure, you’ll still have to dodge past tons of people rushing to get to class and endure tons of hilly regions across campus, but actually using your own two legs to go places is sooo 2017.

Patagonia sweater

Rain or shine, Patagonia sweaters have shown that they’re here to stay as a part of the very much developing fashion culture of UC Berkeley. Nothing screams “would you like a flyer?” more than a student donning a gray Patagonia quarter zip on Sproul. Whether the attire for an event states casual, business casual or formal, you can always count on a UC Berkeley student to try and slide with a Patagonia sweater as an acceptable way of dress.

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

The name may be difficult for most to pronounce, but that doesn’t discourage tons of students from wearing these cute and colorful Swedish backpacks to class. When you put one on, you’ll love instantly feeling like a magician because of all the stuff you somehow managed to fit inside. Are these bags a little inconvenient? Sure, but no one said fashion was effortless.


The number of boba shops in such close proximity to the UC Berkeley campus is quite shocking. While no one said we needed this many options for boba, it’s only fitting with all the students who make boba a part of their everyday routine. Plus, there’s a different boba shop for every and all UC Berkeley students’ cravings. If you’re trying to be healthier, Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea is the desirable choice. When you just want some classic milk tea, any boba connoisseur will point you to Asha or U-Cha. The media got it wrong when it depicted college students cyclically drinking one cup of coffee after the other. Today’s UC Berkeley student will tell you that boba is where it’s at!

Moffitt Library

One step into Moffitt and it’ll seem like the entire campus is cramped into one library with students sprawled out on the floor, pulling up chairs to already crowded tables and occupying study rooms to their max capacity. At Moffitt, you’ll feel like you’re a character in the Hunger Games as you fight (AKA aggressively speed walk) your way to open seats, which are like diamonds in the rough. There may be tons of other great libraries on campus to check out when Moffitt is too crowded, but at this point, UC Berkeley students are in too deep. Five floors, Free Speech Movement Cafe, nap pods, bright lighting, tons of outlets, strong Wifi and free chargers to borrow make students committed to Moffitt and only Moffitt.

Compiling a list of all the shared traits and talents of UC Berkeley students is challenging, but when it comes to our preferences for drinks and style, the students here have a lot more commonalities than we realize. After all, you might already embody a UC Berkeley starter pack as you sip your boba whilst wearing your Patagonia sweater and Fjallraven Kanken backpack while Boosted boarding to Moffitt.

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