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A love letter to College Avenue

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DECEMBER 14, 2018

Dear College Avenue,

It might be weird that we’re writing a letter to a street, but you aren’t just any old avenue. You’re a steady constant and quite possibly the only street that doesn’t make us winded because of the steep incline. With access to Mrs. Dalloway’s, Philz, Trader Joe’s and Rockridge BART Station, you have literally everything we’d ever need. We wanted to type out this letter to let you know that we appreciate your existence.

How does one even begin? The colorful trees, all of the late 51B’s and the old folks walking their dogs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your charm. While capturing the college town feel perfectly, you manage to remain residential as well. We are forever indebted to you for all of the eateries such as The Italian Homemade Company, Zachary’s, Noodle Theory and Manpuku and, not to mention, Safeway and Trader Joe’s. There’s a Philz, Timeless Coffee and so many more places to get a cup of joe and settle into our studies. You keep us awake and fed, so thanks.

Don’t even get us started on how beautiful you are in the fall. The rainy streets, cloudy skies and the crisp, yellow trees almost make it feel like we’re in an old New England town. The cute shops, markets and buildings remind us why we love this city so much. College Avenue, we love you for being such a sweet, nearby escape from campus.

We love the way you connect with Bancroft Way and the quaint atmosphere you bring to Berkeley. Anyway, we just wanted to say, thanks for being amazing. We’ll miss the coffee runs to Philz and the brunches at Baker & Commons while we’re home for the holidays. We wish every street were as cool as you.


The Clog

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DECEMBER 14, 2018