Editors’ Note: Jan. 11

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Hannah Cooper/Senior Staff

In the first Weekender issue of the year, writers elected to discuss the various hellos and goodbyes of both universal and personal experiences. Speaking to three recent graduates, staff writer Katrina Fadrilan explores the excitements and anxieties of the postgrad life, noting that with all the inevitable new additions to one’s life — a career move forward, a new pet, an expanding social circle — there comes a need to bid farewell to the familiar. In a personal essay, staff writer Nelly Lin reflects on her own life’s bittersweet transitions as she balances demanding new aspects of her everyday with the need to hang on to the old and true.

Inspired by the arrival of a new year and what that symbolizes, staff writer Shaked Salem wrote a personal essay reflecting on what new experiences have taught her and how she has maintained self-integrity in the wake of those experiences. On the other hand, staff writer Edrick Sabalburo turned to older experiences and wrote about saying goodbye to his hometown of Lancaster, California.

To round off the issue, staff writer Layla Chamberlin shares a deeply personal poem, featuring her own accompanying art, on how dissociative experiences transformed her view of a once-familiar home.

On New Year’s Day, the old becomes new, and the present self remembers the self of the past. Goodbye 2018, and hello to another year.

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