Sir Babygirl’s ‘Everyone Is a Bad Friend’ weaponizes uniqueness to tackle universal experiences

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Grade: 3.0/5.0

For many people who resist the societal predisposition to define themselves, the universal nature of music can act as an escape. For Kelsie Hogue, the face behind artist Sir Babygirl, music as a means of smashing binaries and redefining identity is a working motive. With a sound bordering on bubblegum pop satire, Sir Babygirl is carving a unique place among artists who toy with convention as a means of self-expression.

Sir Babygirl’s new single “Everyone Is a Bad Friend” ricochets off of foundations crafted by pop idols such as Charli XCX and the Spice Girls and dances with the dream pop sounds of artists such as Cults and Beach House. The artist is one of the newest additions to a scene of music that abandons conventions in pursuit of uniqueness. In a group of artists that often feel like they pander to individuality, it’s often that their music can get lost in the proverbial sauce of eccentricity. Even so, Sir Babygirl’s unique brand of disrupting expectation defines them as a master in this niche of creatives.

“Everyone Is a Bad Friend” makes an effort to stay with the distinct style and sound that they have cultivated. In its beginning, the song is rhythmic and very catchy, its melodious nature cut by the severity of the lyrics. The themes at play — what our responsibility is to the people that come and go in our lives, and the impermanence of it all — mingle with the melody to create a dazzling dissonance between light-hearted sounds and darker themes.

The consistent melody sounding almost nursery-rhyme-like feels nostalgic, and that’s where the song finds its success. It evokes a kind of general relatability, the anxiety of trying to find your own people, the insecurity of your place in relationships.

The song’s final lines, a repetition of a taunting “yeah, oh,” make the song feel like some sort of comeuppance or revenge. Even if you can’t exactly figure out how you’ve come out on top, the song makes you feel pretty certain that you have.

“Everyone Is a Bad friend” is Sir Babygirl’s newest single released off their up-and-coming debut album Crush on Me, out Feb. 15. The track is complex while still being an easy and pleasant listen and sets up high expectations for the album. “Everyone Is a Bad Friend,” as well as the other three singles off Crush on Me — “Flirting With Her,” “Heels” and “Haunted House” — are currently streaming on Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Music.

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