Subtle ways to actually succeed this semester

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JANUARY 28, 2019

With the new semester just getting started, your drive for self-improvement is probably at an all-time high. Though most of us will try to adjust our lifestyles through major shifts such as sleeping earlier or eating breakfast before class every day, the reality is that small changes go a long way. Here are a few quick tricks you could implement in your own busy life to succeed this semester!

Start using bookmarks

It seems trivial, but hear us out. The nice thing about bookmarks is that you can personalize them to your desire or just use a piece of scrap paper. Bookmarks are a great way to track not only your own progress through class and textbook readings, but they can also be used to manage your planner or track your journal entries. If one of your goals this semester is to be more organized, get started with this tip!

Eat with friends whenever possible

With a little flexibility and planning, it’s possible to set up every dinner of the semester with a friend. The nice thing about eating with friends is that you don’t have to worry about eating alone and looking busy as you scroll through social media. Eating with friends can also boost your happiness and make you more energized for a study session afterward. If one of your goals of the semester is to be either more social or use time more wisely, this is an option for you!

Join an organization out of your own personal interest

What we mean by this is seek out a club that brings you joy or that resonates with you right now. Typically, our occasionally competitive spirits control our decisions for choosing clubs, and we may not see the benefit of joining a club unless it can be meaningfully listed on our resumes. This semester, consider going to Calapalooza or a general meeting with a friend for a club that makes you feel closer to the UC Berkeley community. If one of your goals is to feel more a part of the campus culture, consider this tip.

Study outside whenever you can

Good weather is just around the corner, and whenever it does rain, you’re bound to be indoors and reminisce about the days when it wasn’t so wet on Memorial Glade. On nice days, take some time to review before a class out on a bench near your lecture hall or at the outdoor patio at FSM. The benefits of studying outside include fresh air, the company of other students, vitamin D and a break from the libraries. New changes are coming for the better, so celebrate those good vibes by taking in some sun.

Drink water with every meal

For everyone who wants to “get more healthy,” this one’s for you (no gym necessary). This suggestion may be one of the more difficult ones to implement, especially since boba shops are within arm’s reach of most of us. It’s easy to forget to drink water when running between lectures with a caffeinated drink, but think about it when you eat your next meal. If it’s easier to start off with just having water with one meal per day, go with that. Our bodies are mostly water, so the easiest way to treat yourself is to stay a little more hydrated.

Keep going, Bears! You’re off to a great start, and hopefully, these tips make your semester a little more bear-able.

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JANUARY 28, 2019