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Quiz: Which Daily Cal division is your match made in heaven?

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JANUARY 29, 2019

Congratulations! You probably clicked on this article either because you’re interested in working for The Daily Californian but aren’t sure which division (editorial, business, technology or production) to apply for or because you’re thinking your actual soulmate might just be the entirety of one of our departments. Either way, we, at the Clog have put together the perfect quiz to help you figure out which department is right for you. Take our quiz and find out which Daily Cal division you should apply to (or romantically pursue) by 11:59 p.m. this Friday, February 1!


  1. What’s your go-to shoe style?
    1. Shoes made partly or entirely from wood
    2. Fancy-schmancy dress shoes
    3. Flip-flops
    4. No shoes
  2. What are you usually up to on a Friday night?
    1. Watching CNN and listening to NPR simultaneously
    2. Networking #Can’tStopWontStop
    3. Working on the code for my seventh mobile app
    4. Shooting a video on 16mm film, NBD
  3. Who’s your favorite UC Berkeley alum?
    1. Alex Morgan
    2. Earl Warren
    3. Steve Wozniak
    4. Chris Pine
  4. Pick another UC Berkeley icon:
    1. Oski
    2. Dirks (remember him?)
    3. John DeNero
    4. There’s no Berkeley icon like me!
  5. What Hogwarts house are you in?
    1. Gryffindor
    2. Slytherin
    3. Ravenclaw
    4. Hufflepuff
  6.   Which Steve Carell character do you resonate with most?
    1. Brick Tamland — “Anchorman”
    2. Michael Scott — “The Office”
    3. Gru — “Despicable Me”
    4. Cal — “Crazy, Stupid, Love”
    1. Editorial! The editorial side produces all nonadvertising content and consists of the following departments: arts and entertainment, blog, design, news, opinion, night, multimedia, photo, social media, sports and the Weekender magazine. With a variety of options for covering different types of newsworthy events, you’ll go great together! Plus, you can find us over here at The Daily Clog within the editorial division. 😉
    2. Business! The Daily Californian, like any other newspaper, has a business side that generates revenue to pay for the production of our paper. The business side makes the money, organizes our finances and helps direct organizationwide changes to optimize our appeal to advertisers. It consists of five departments: sales, finance, marketing, distribution and development. Haas-hole or not, you’re welcome here anytime!
    3. Technology! The Daily Californian is looking for front-end and back-end engineers to run the ins and outs of dailycal.org. We are constantly looking to improve the functionality and design of our website, increase our online presence and welcome innovative and fresh perspectives. While you’re not busy being the next Mark Zuckerberg, come on over and put your technology talents into The Daily Cal!
    4. Production! The Daily Californian’s production division, entirely student-run, is responsible for producing artwork and media for the newspaper’s advertising and promotional needs. The department is looking for designers, photographers and videographers with a knack for visual creativity and marketing. We welcome you to apply to the Daily Cal’s production department to contribute to our promotional and branding initiatives. You two were meant to be.



Chloe Lelchuk is the blog editor. Contact Chloe Lelchuk at [email protected].

JANUARY 29, 2019