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JANUARY 29, 2019

For some, the start of a fresh semester elicits a strong new motivation to ace all of your classes, while for others, the new semester brings about that familiar feeling of dread. Regardless of how you’re feeling this spring, we at the Clog are hoping to put a positive spin on your first half of 2019. Take this quiz to find out what you can look forward to this spring!


  1. How much of a school supplies hoarder are you?
    1. Not much — I carry a few pencils with me.
    2. Somewhat — I definitely have more than what I need.
    3. I have a pile of free stuff that I never use.
    4. I clean out the office and back-to-school racks at Target.
  2. What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?
    1. Hang out on Memorial Glade.
    2. Chores: laundry, grocery shopping and cleaning.
    3. Look for things I can get involved in — I’m not scared of rejection!
    4. Read the syllabus and go to office hours.
  3. Pick a fortune from these (randomly scavenged) fortune cookie sayings:
    1. You will become great if you believe in yourself.
    2. Today it is up to you to create the peacefulness you long for.
    3. Now is the time to try something new.
    4. You make your own happiness.
  4. What are you thirsty for?
    1. Energy drink or Gatorade
    2. Tea
    3. Boba
    4. Coffee
  5. If you could sit in on a lecture for a day, which professor’s class would you go to?
    1. Alex Filippenko, Astro C10
    2. Robert Reich, Wealth & Poverty
    3. David Presti, Drugs & the Brain
    4. John DeNero, CS 61A
  6. What’s your favorite season?
    1. Spring, of course!
    2. Fall
    3. Summer
    4. Winter
  7. And lastly, pick a color:
    1. Blue
    2. White
    3. Yellow
    4. Red
    1. Spring sports! Whether you’ve been to all of the games ever played or none, there’s a lot of great talent here at Cal for you to check out. From basketball to tennis to swim and beyond, our athletes train like crazy, so show them some support this season!
    2. A clean slate! It’s no secret that school can be grueling, both mentally and physically. Hopefully, you have had some time to rest and rejuvenate over the winter break, so you can come back stronger than ever this semester. 2019 is going to be your year! We’re rooting for you.
    3. New extracurriculars! Maybe there’s a club you’ve been wanting to try out, or maybe you’re looking to meet some cool new people this semester. Either way, it can be fun to venture outside your comfort zone and try out something new this semester. Good luck! Calapalooza is coming up!
    4. Your classes! It can be easy to get caught up in the pretense of getting through your classes, picking up that diploma and moving on with life, but the faculty at UC Berkeley is world-class. Your professors are among some of the brightest talents in the country, so pay attention to what they have to say! Good luck from everyone here at the Clog, you’re going to do great!


Contact Pariswi Tewari at [email protected].

JANUARY 29, 2019