I’m on a boat! An inside look on what it’s like to be on a cruise

Wikipedia/Creative Commons

Over winter break, I went on a 7-day cruise with my family. It was a unique experience since the ship itself feels like its own tiny world, not only because of how much there is on the boat, but also in the flow of life. It had its own quirks, but those only helped endear the experience. Here’s a taste of what it’s like aboard!

There’s always some activity or show happening on board. You have the freedom to do as many or as few of them as you want. Activities range from trivia to morning yoga, so you’re sure to find something that matches your taste. Cruise life therefore becomes planning out your day and doing a bunch of random things to keep yourself entertained. That is what makes a cruise unique. The opportunity for constant entertainment and food as you travel to your next destination is quite the experience. It’s all constructed to help you have fun and relax — which feels odd after a long semester at UC Berkeley. 

Although being on a cruise is all fun and games, here are some important facts: You would think that such a large boat wouldn’t sway in the water. However, the boat does move slightly. There isn’t enough movement to make it difficult to climb the stairs so you probably won’t notice it much unless you’re prone to seasickness. With a seasickness remedy you should be perfectly fine. The only reason it’s even being brought up in this article, is that seasickness is just one of the reminders that you aren’t in some massive hotel —you’re on a boat traveling through the ocean.

One of the main reasons to go on a cruise is the visits to shore. These allow you to scratch your tourist itch with pre-purchased excursions. During these excursions, there are very few activities on the boat so that’s even more of a reason to go out and see the real world. These port days are a reminder that all of the previous stuff on the boat was only to fill time. If you want something you truly won’t forget, chances are it will be found at a port.

A cruise ship is truly designed for vacations. There’s a positive energy and commitment to being pleasant on these massive boats — maybe that’s what made it feel odd. A lot of energy is put into making the feeling of happiness come through, which makes it all seem like a façade. However if you truly want to enjoy it, then take it at face value and go along for the ride. It might be endearing to you too. 

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